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Uniwell EX-560 Cash Register

Uniwell EX-560
  • Uniwell EX-560
  • Uniwell EX-560
  • Uniwell EX-560
  • Uniwell EX-560
  • Uniwell EX-560
  • Uniwell EX-560

Rs. 39,900/-

Price Summary
Basic Price: Rs.33,813.56
VAT Amount (18.00%): Rs.6,086.44
Total: Rs.39,900.00
Amount rounded as Rs. 39,900

In Stock.
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  •  Major features of 03 type
  • Table Management System allows each separate transaction to be stored temporarily and picked up for additional orders. Split Bill function expedites table operations.
  • Clerk Interrupt System Different operators can use ECR for a sales transaction while other sales transactions are underway on the same ECR. Each operator's registrations are stored under that particular operator so when they log on again they are able to resume their transaction.
  • Look Up PLUs a range of categorized PLUs can be called up by a "Look Up PLU" key.
  • ESF (Electronic Store & Forward, option) Transactions and operations made on the ECR are recorded in memory and printed out.
  • PLU/Group Sales per Clerk Easy to find which operator sold a preselected list of 20 products the most. With this feature, each clerk is motivated to sell more of those products.
  • Major features of 05 type
  • 300 Quantity Discount Tables of "fixed special price", "amount discount" or "percent discount" for bucket sales with certain quantity of one kind or different kinds of items, "free offer" when purchase exceeds certain quantity, "discount amount" / "purchase quantity" limitation per customer.
  • User Friendly PLU Programming allows you to create a new PLU file when you scan a new item, utlizing an existing PLU data - copy all the data, such as price, group, PLU flags, etc. automatically from the master PLU.
  • Store/Vendor Coupon Discount by Store and Vendor Coupon is available
  • Customer File with an optional memory board, up to 1 024 customers’ TEL #, VAT #, name, address can be recorded. Very convenient when issuing bills, especially for delivery service and frequent customers who require the bill with their name and VAT # printed.

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The Ex-560/575/570 Series are Mid -range cash registers complete with a high-brightness LCD and Choice of Printers/Keyboards. The On-board features and functions compete with high range products. Various options and expandable connectivity are available for system enhancement.


Performance Characteristics
Cash Drawer with or without drawer
Interface StandardOptional : 1 x RS485 + 1 x RS232C : 2 x RS232C
Keyboard StrokeFlat : 81 key positions including optional 5 keys : 130 key positions
Printing Characteristics
Paper Width 44.5 mm 2 sheet
Printing Method dot matrix printer
Printing Speed 24 columns/line, 3 lines/sec with Validation function, 55 columns/line
Display Characteristics
Display Front View Angle 21 columns x 8 lines with white or blue background : 15 degree adjustable Rear 1 line 12 digits numeric
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (W x D x H) 405 (W) x 423 (D) x 297 (H) mm with drawer 370 (W) x 415 (D) x 196 (H) mm without drawer

About Uniwell

We are committed to an action-oriented corporate structure that manifests itself in state-of-the-art ECR/ePOS systems and complete customer satisfaction.

The essential character of any company determines its success. At Uniwell, principles of integrity and cooperation guide conduct of all personal and corporate relations.

Uniwell is a unique enterprise. Created by a team of experienced industry professionals, it relies on creative management and awareness of detail in all sectors. This practice is extended to product development, where the ideal is a system so adaptable it can be tailored to meet the specific demands of each situation. We believe that such a practical attitude thrives largely because each employee is given the encouragement and opportunity to personally contribute and excel.

Structurally, asset flexibility and financial strength dominate the company's basic nature, so market potentials are realised quickly and fully. Thus expansion becomes a pure reflection of product quality and market demand.

On this foundation, the future is secure and vibrant. Uniwell and its network of interdependent distributors operate in concert, powerful and established, yet constantly evolving to best respond to user demands from all corners of the world.

"Founded on sound business principles and advanced technology, organisation, efficiency, and capacity have been key elements in growth."
Source: www.uniwell.com

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