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Psion Omnii XT15 Hand-Held Terminal

Psion Omnii XT15
  • Psion Omnii XT15
  • Psion Omnii XT15
  • Psion Omnii XT15
  • Psion Omnii XT15
  • Psion Omnii XT15
  • Psion Omnii XT15
  • Psion Omnii XT15

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1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Technology made tough: The Omnii XT15 comes with the option of Windows® CE 6.0 or Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating systems, both of which integrate seamlessly to automate key processes and boost productivity in real-time.
  • Field-upgradeable adaptability: Omnii XT15 is always fit for purpose, so you can configure it the way you want and later bolt on what you need. This allows for future-proof flexibility as hardware can be reconfigured – and not replaced – saving your business up to 30% on lifetime total cost of ownership.
  • Real-world practicality: Built with the new Texas Instruments® OMAP 3 microprocessor and a Psion designed Custom ASIC architecture, Omnii XT15 delivers industry-leading performance and efficiency with an extended battery life of up to 20 hours.
  • Optimized ergonomics: Ergonomics are crucial to ensuring mobile workers are efficient and effective on their jobs. The Omnii XT15 features a balanced construction that is perfectly weighted for comfort, practicality and Natural Task Support. Furthermore, Omnii XT15 is equipped with PsionVU software and transflective touch screens that enable a friendly user interface.
  • The right mobile device for different cold chain environments with Chiller and Arctic models: The condensation-resistant Chiller model is built for -4° F/-20° C environments, while the condensation-free Arctic model is ideal in -22° F/-30° C freezers and for workers moving between cold and warm environments. Both models offer frost-free scanning technology — a heated scan window that prevents internal fogging to ensure successful scanning in condensing environments. Both models also offer specialized keyboards that are tested and proven to overcome ice buildup and prevent keys from freezing.
  • The ultimate industrial handheld for hazardous environments: The Omnii XT15ni is UL-certified to be non-incendive, providing mobile workers with a rugged handheld device that safely operates in hazardous areas found in pharmaceutical, oil & gas, utilities, chemical and various manufacturing applications.

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THE ULTIMATE HANDHELD FOR SUPPLY CHAIN LOGISTICS: The Omnii™ XT15 is uniquely adaptive by design - combining extreme versatility with open innovation to deliver the flexibility you require to adapt as your business needs change. As the next evolution of the Omnii™ platform, the Omnii™ XT15 takes the best features of the Omnii™ XT10 and adds new functionality to create a device that gives mobile workers the greatest access to business applications - anytime, anywhere. With its certified IP67 and IP65 rating, the Omnii™ XT15 is also the most rugged handheld device Psion has ever made - delivering reliable performance and unparalleled adaptability for the most demanding of environments and applications.  


Performance Characteristics
Application Software Mobile VPN:NetMotion Mobility XE VPN
Windows® CE 6.0:Internet Explorer EmbeddedMicrosoft WordPad
Voice Applications:Walkie-talkie style Push-to-Talk –VoIP over WiFi or WWAN
Terminal Emulation:Open TekTermStay-Linked Terminal EmulationNaurtech BrowserNaurtech Terminal Emulation
Windows® EmbeddedHandheld 6.5:Windows® Office Mobile 2010,includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint,OneNote & SharePointInternet Explorer MobileWindows Office Outlook MobileWindows Media Player Mobile
Device Management - Mobile ControlCenter (MCC):Easy configuration managementand provisioning platformPowerful remote control andtroubleshooting functionalityReal-time tracking of mobileassets, including geofancing andbreadcrumbingAdvanced device security, userauthentication and lockdownfeatures.
CPU/Processor Texas Instruments® AM3715 SitaraARM Processor 800 MHz
Enhanced Features AccelerometerGPSDigital Compass
Memory 256 MB RAM (512 MB Option)1 GB Flash ROM
Operating System Windows® CE 6.0 Windows® EmbeddedHandheld 6.5
Programming Enviroment Software Utilities:PsionVUTotal Recall / TweakIt / Dr. Debug
Communication Modules
Wireless Communications Integrated Bluetooth® V2.0 + EDROn-board IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n (CCXV4 Compliant) radioSecurity: 802.1X, WPA / WPA2-EnterpriseAuthentication: FASTMSCHAPv2;LEAP; PEAPv0-MSCHAPv2; PEAPv1-GTC; TLSEncryption: 64/128 WEP, AESCCMP,TKIPOptional SIRF III GPS ReceiverOptional 2.5G GSM/GPRS/EDGEradioQuad-Band GSM: 850, 900,1800, 1900 MHzOptional UMTS 3.8G HSPA+ radioFive Band UMTS: 800/850, 900,1900, 2100 MHzQuad-Band GSM: 850, 900,1800, 1900 MHz
Data Capture Characteristics
Barcode Scanner Options Motorola SE955 Std Range LaserMotorola SE1224HP 1D Std RangeLaserMotorola SE1524ER Auto-RangeLaserHoneywell 5080 2D Std RangeImagerIntermec EV15 1D Std Range ImagerIntermec EA11 2D Std Range ImagerIntermec EA20X 2D HighPerformance ImagerAll scanners come with multi-colorLED indicatorsVibration feedback for noisy &sunny environments
Power Specifications
Power Supply 5000 mAh high capacity LithiumIon smart battery
Environment Characteristics
Drop Specification Drop rating: multiple 2.0m (6.5ft)drops to polished concrete, 1.7m(5.6ft), 26 drops to polishedconcrete (powered with options &accessories)
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) ESD: +/- 8kV contact, +/- 15kV airdischarge
Environmental ROHS Compliant.
Environmental Sealing Rain/Dust: IP67, IP65, IEC 60529
Humidity Humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
Operating Temperature Operating temp: -20°C to +50°C(-4°F to +122°F)
Storage Temperature Storage temp: -40°C to +60°C(-40°F to +140°F)
Physical Characteristics
Camera Color, 3 Mega pixel, autofocus, 4X digitalzoom, Dual LED flash, video capableConfigurable with pistol grip
Dimensions (W x H x D) Length: 225mm (8.86in)Width: 98mm (3.86in)Depth:At display: 44mm (1.73in)At grip area: 31mm (1.22in)
Display 3.7” VGA (640 x 480) TransflectiveColor/Touch Display
Expansion Port Micro SD slot for FLASH expansion(up to 32GB)Multiple Internal Multi-FunctionExpansion Interfaces with:TTL serialUSB hostGPIO
Keypad 59 Key Full AlphaNumeric 6 Fn keys*Oracle versionavailable55 Key AlphaNumeric, phone keys66 Key QWERTYNumeric 6 Fn key,Phone keys*Oracle versionavailable36 Key Numeric12 Fn keys36 Key NumericAlpha Modified12 Fn keys34 Key Numeric12 Fn keysHigh reliability keypadultra-white backlight
Touchscreen Options 2 Touchscreen options:High Visibility option offerssuperior sunlight visibility with165 cd/m2 brightness.Extreme Duty option isdesigned for ruggedenvironments with improvedimpact resistance (1.25 Jouleimpact), better abrasionresistance, superior lowtemperature operation (to-20°C / -4°F), with 160 cd/m2brightness.
Voice & Audio & Feedback Integrated microphone & speakerHigh volume 95dBA beeperOptional Push-to-Talk speakerVibration feedback
Weight Basic unit with battery: 610g (1.34lb)
Carrying Accessories Optional bolt-on Pistol GripForklift HolsterHand strap, wrist strap, hard andsoft shell holsters, protectivecarrying cases, rubber boots
Charging Accessories Optional Desktop Docking Stationconfigurations:USB host and USB deviceUSB host, USB device, Ethernetand RS232Quad Docking Station (with100BaseT Ethernet – daisychainable)Multiple Snap Modules connectonto Omnii’s base supporting:Active syncFast charging via AC wall outletFast charging via vehicle poweroutlet adapterFast charging & RS232connection and power fortethered scannerVehicle Power Outlet Adapter6-Slot Spare Battery Charger
Regulatory Approvals Worldwide Safety, EMC, RF, Laser approvalsCE MarkE Mark (vehicle cradles) RoHS compliant WEEE compliant REACH compliant
Vehicle Cradle Accessories Base un-powered cradle (one handlatch & release)12 - 24VDC powered cradleMultiple adapter cables available(Example: One DE9 RS232 Serial,Two USB 1.1 host)Pre-regulator module (for 24 to 72Vforklift trucks)Cradle Shock and Vibration: IECClassification 5M2.

About Psion

We're passionate about producing rugged mobile computer products and technology that make a real difference to our customers and their employees. The result is that the people who use our products enjoy their jobs more, get more done, add more value, and delight more customers.

Our products are sold in over 80 countries, wherever there is a requirement for the most intelligent and flexible mobile workforce automation devices. Psion Teklogix has pioneered the design and development of rugged mobile computers for the last 40 plus years and has unrivalled experience in mobilizing field sales and service, logistics, supply chain and transportation solutions. With our technology, applications look better, work better and continue to be productive for longer.

We sell our products through a third party network of systems integrators, value added resellers, application partners and distributors as well as via our direct sales force. In addition, the company has strategic relationships with a wide range of technology partners, including Microsoft®, Cisco Systems and SAP®, to ensure we provide the most innovative and up-to-date mobile solutions to our customers.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada PSION has corporate offices located in Europe, the United States, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.
Source: www.psionhandheld.net

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