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Windows POSReady 2009 POS Operating System

Windows POSReady 2009
  • Windows POSReady 2009
  • Windows POSReady 2009

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  • Flexibility
  • Add/remove components
  • Customize installation
  • Security
  • Bundle XPP SP3 Security fix and software version updates
  • Enhance communication Protocols and service processing steadiness
  • Application Compatibility
  • Greater application support abilities and compatibilities
  • Hardware Integration
  • Keyboard Emulation
  • USB Storage Boot Support
  • Deployment
  • Install from DVD/USB to hard drive or USB hard drive
  • Deploy from Windows Server
  • Cloning from FBReseal and SysPrep
  • Localization
  • Support Multilingual User Interface Packs Add-ons, and regional formats & standard setting up.

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Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 is a flexible operating system designed to seamlessly connect point-of-service solutions with peripherals, servers, and services. POSReady 2009 combines the power and familiarity of Windows XP Professional with a smaller footprint and specific features for point of service (POS) computers. POSReady is a significant update to Windows Embedded for Point of Service that incorporates a new product name, new technologies, and improvements in core functionality. With built-in networking capabilities and standards-based plug-and-play support, Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 makes it easy to connect POS devices to peripherals, servers, and services.  Plus you can help reduce costs and security threats by customizing POSReady 2009 to use only the components required for your POS solution. POSReady 2009 can be managed with the same software you use to manage your desktop systems - with all the reliability and ongoing service and system updates you expect from the Windows platform. You will aslo benefit from the dedicated community of industry-leading partners and resources available to support you at every step in the development cycle. EVALUATION KIT FUNCTIONALITY: The Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 evaluation includes the full functionality of the English version. Once you have installed your evaluation version, you will have 120 days to sample the features of POSReady 2009. To continue using the product after 120 days, you must acquire the full product license and product key, rerun setup, and then follow the installation instructions for the full version.


General Characteristics
Footprint Minimum RAM: 64 MB Minimum Install Hard-disk space: 520 MB
Processor x86
Win32 Applications Full Win32 compatibility
Support life cycle(10 years) Mainstream support until April 2014. Extended support until April 2019.
License Price Same as WePOS
File-Based write Filter support Yes
USB Boot and Install to/from USB Yes
Windows OOBE Yes
MS Office productivity Applications License restriction prevents running Office productivity applications on POSReady
Purpose Point of Service operating system,optimized and licensed to run POS applications only
POS for .NET Yes,in the box
Management software Standard PC management software
Help Files No
Troubleshooters No
Device Update Agent Yes
Approximate components in the minimum installation 900
Files and settings transafer wizard No
Games out-of-the-box No
Windows Movie Maker No
Outlook Express No
Add/Remove Windows Components after deployment Yes
Multilingual User Interface support 32+1 languages in one DVD
Language Collection support Yes
Localization Full
Japanese Font Set Yes
File-Based Write Filter Yes
USB Boot Yes
Install to USB Yes
Install from USB Yes
On-screen Keyboard for Login Yes
Office Viewers support – Word, Excel, Powerpoint Yes
Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 Support Yes
.NET Framework 3.5 Support Yes
Windows Media Player version 11
Windows XP SP3 Updates including security, driver and feature updates Included
Security Templates Yes
Flagging Unsigned Drivers Yes
Serial Keys Yes
OpenGL Yes
Sysprep Yes
Remote Assistance Yes
Help Engine Yes
DirectX Yes
Encrypting File System Yes
Disk Dump Yes
Automatic Recovery screen on bootup Yes
MS Config Support Utility Yes
MS Info – System Information Yes
XPS support, if .NET 3.5 installed Yes
Updating Root Certificates Yes?Automatic Update
Network Access Protection (NAP) Yes
Microsoft Cryptographic Module support for SHA2 hashing algorithms in X.509 certificate validation Yes

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