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Motorola SB1 Smart Badge Hand-Held Terminal

Motorola SB1 Smart Badge
  • Motorola SB1 Smart Badge
  • Motorola SB1 Smart Badge
  • Motorola SB1 Smart Badge
  • Motorola SB1 Smart Badge
  • Motorola SB1 Smart Badge
  • Motorola SB1 Smart Badge

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1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Small, lightweight and wearable: The compact, light SB1 is easily worn on a lanyard, belt clip or armband - where it is comfortable and always available.
  • comfortable and always available: The SB1 is a true enterprise product, built to handle everyday use, from drops, spills and exposure to dust, heat and cold.
  • Easy to read – everywhere: the 3 in. E Ink® Pearl display is easy to read in virtually every lighting condition.
  • 1D/2D enterprise bar code scanning: Omni-directional scanning, an integrated aimer, LED and beeper make scanning a breeze - just point and shoot, even if bar codes are dirty, damaged or poorly printed.
  • FUII shift power: The low-power E Ink display provides over 14 hours of battery life from a single charge - hours of battery life from a single charge - mode, the screen can display an associate's picture and name or advertise a promotion — yet the display draws virtually no power at all.

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Turn shoppers into buyers. Today's shoppers are tough customers —  they have higher expectations and more knowledge than ever before.  they expect an immaculate store, with shelves stocked with the products  they want to buy. they expect your sales associates to answer  whatever question they might have in seconds — just like their  smartphones can.  delivering superior service to these customers is a real  challenge. But if your associates are wearing the powerful SB1  smart badge from motorola Solutions, they can. the SB1 is a brand new  category of mobile device that you can give to every one of your retail associates. this truly smart badge is full of the features every  associate needs to deliver the best customer experience,  , with the connectivity needed to keep them productive, every minute of every day.  Now, the badges your associates wear can allow associates to:   access a personalized task list; accept tasks and acknowledge completion;  scan a bar code to check price and inventory.


Performance Characteristics
Applications Supports thin client applications — HTM L5 withRhoElements extensions
Available Applications Compatible with Mobile Workforce Management, a mobile task managementsolution from Motorola Solutions
CPU/Processor i.MX35 (532MHz)
Included Software Motorola Solutions RhoElements webkit application environment; SB1device shell and configuration pages; Motorola Solutions TEAM Expressclient for PTT voice communications; Motorola Solutions integrated MSPRapid Deployment client for zero-touch staging and provisioning
Interactive Sensor Technology (IST) Motion Sensor :Integrated accelerometer enables low-power badgemode and screen rotation
Operating System 128 MB RAM /128 MB Flash
Communication Modules
Voice and Audio PTT voice communications; integrated microphone, optional high-qualityspeaker for PTT communications; optional headset adapter for wiredheadset support
WLAN Radio Radio Wi-Fi IEEE ® 802.11b/g/n
Data Capture Characteristics
Barcode Reader 1D/2D omni-directional bar code reader withintegrated aiming and built-in illumination
Reading Range Code Type Near Far80% UPC 2.50 in./6.35 cm 9.36 in./23.77 cm100% UPC 2.67 in./6.78 cm 13.47 in./34.21 cm7.5mil Code 39 2.02 in.*/5.08 cm 8.57 in./5.13 cm10mil Code 39 2.54 in.*/6.45 cm 20.67 in./52.50 cm10mil PDF417 1.64 in.*/4.16 cm 7.98 in./20.2710mil DataMatrix 2.76 in.*/7.01 cm 5.41 in./13.74 cm
Power Specifications
Standard Battery 910mAH (full charging in less than 4 hours)
Environment Characteristics
Drop Specification Multiple 4 ft./1.22 m drop to tile over concrete perMIL STD 810G specifications
Environmental Sealing IP54
Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Operating Temperature 32° F to 104° F/0° C to 40° C
Storage Temperature -40° F to 158° F/-40° C to 70° C
Physical Characteristics
Audio Integrated microphone; accessories include optionalspeaker with push-to-talk and wired headset adapters
Dimensions (W x H x D) 3.62 in. L x 3.19 in. W x 0.55 in D92 mm L x 81 mm W x 14 mm D
Display 3.0 inch E Ink Pearl display; 4-bit gray scale (16 shades);QVGA (320x240)
Touch Panel Full screen resistive touch; finger operation (no stylus)
Weight 3.9 oz./110 g
Peripherals and Accessories 10-slot charging cradle (desk and rack mountable); single-slot charging cradle;headset adapter; PTT headset (speaker, microphone, PTT button and volumecontrol); speaker accessory adapter with integrated speaker and PTT button;lanyard with hook for single-handed operation and removal; belt clip/holsterwith tether; wrist/arm-band; developer back housing with USB communication
Regulatory Approvals Visit www.motorolasolutions.com/sb1 for regulatory information
Warranty Subject to the terms of Motorola’s hardware warranty statement, the SB1 iswarranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12months from the date of shipment

About Motorola

Motorola Solutions connects people through technology. Businesses and government agencies around the world turn to Motorola Solutions innovations when they want highly connected teams that have the information they need throughout their workdays and in the moments that matter most to them.

You can find Motorola Solutions products and services in a wide range of workplaces. From the retail floor to the warehouse floor, and from the small town police station to the most secure government offices, our products support customers who make up the diverse global economy. We are proud that our products support mobile transactions of all kinds, as well as the safety and security of citizens everywhere.

Our customers rely on us for the expertise, services and solutions we provide, trusting our years of invention and innovation experience. By partnering with customers and observing how our products can help in their specific industries, we are able to enhance our customers’ experience everyday.
Source: www.motorolasolutions.com

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