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Motorola MC3100 Hand-Held Terminal

Motorola MC3100
  • Motorola MC3100
  • Motorola MC3100
  • Motorola MC3100
  • Motorola MC3100

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1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Motorola MAX Rugged: Provides reliable operation in spite of drops, bumps or exposure to dust and splashing liquids; meets applicable MIL- STD and IEC specifications for drop, tumble and sealing
  • Mobility Platform Architecture (MPA) 2.0: Provides the latest best-in- class technology architecture; preserves existing application investments by enabling easy and cost-effective porting of applications from other Motorola mobile computers
  • Motorola MAX Secure: FIPS 140-2 certification and support for the most advanced encryption and authentication algorithms as well as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enables compliance with the most stringent industry security regulations, including sensitive government applications
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.X or Windows CE 6.0 operating system:  Choose the operating system that best meets your needs the familiar Windows Mobile environment offers standard business tools and line-of- business applications, a large selection of off-the-shelf applications and an easy application development environment; the Windows CE open platform enables fast and easy development and porting of custom applications
  • Motorola MAX Data Capture: Capture the data you need today and tomorrow with industry leading advanced laser scanning or imaging technology.

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Building on the successful MC3000 mobile computer, the rugged  wireless MC3100 Series brings cost-effective anytime mobility to   key-based applications within the four walls — in the retail store   and warehouse aisles, on the loading dock and out in the yard.   Leveraging Motorola's new Mobility Platform Architecture 2.0, the   MC3100 offers advanced computing power, industry-leading data   capture capabilities and superior ergonomics. In addition to the processing power and memory required to  support advanced applications, the MC3100 also offers the latest  in mobile technology and security. An integrated RFID  tag automates asset tracking, allowing enterprises to  track and locate MC3100 devices right out the box.  Motorola's Interactive Sensor Technology (IST) provides  an integrated accelerometer that enables leading edge  motion-based applications that improve power management and  more.


Performance Characteristics
Applications Development Motorola Enterprise Mobility Developer Kit (EMDK)
CPU/Processor Marvell PXA320 624 MHz
Interactive Sensor Technology (IST) Motion-sensor: 3-axis accelerometer that enables motion-sensingapplications on dynamic screen orientation, powermanagement and free-fall detects
Memory 128MB RAM/256MB Flash 256MB RAM/512MB Flash (Batch Only)128MB RAM/512MB Flash (WLAN Only) 256MB RAM/1GB Flash
Network Connections I/O: USB 1.1 Full Speed Host/ Client or RS232
Notification Programmable LEDs; Audio notifications
Operating System Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 Pro or Windows Mobile6.X Classic
Communication Modules
WLAN Radio : Tri-mode IEEE® 802.11a/b/gData Rates Supported: 1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 54 MbpsOperating Channels: Chan 1-13 (2412-2472 MHz), Chan 14 (2484 MHz)Japan only; actual operating channels/frequenciesdepend on regulatory rules and certification agencyVoice Communications: Voice-over-IP ready, Wi-Fi™ certified, IEEE 802.11a/b/g direct sequence wireless LAN, Wi-FiMultimedia™ (WMM), Motorola Voice QualityManager (VQM)
WLAN Antennas Internal antenna w/diversity
WLAN Security WPA2 (Personal or Enterprise); 802.1x; EAP-TLS;TTLS (CHAP, MS-CHAP, MS-CHAPv2, PAP or MD5);PEAP (TLS, MSCHAPv2, EAP-GTC); LEAP, EAP-FAST(TLS, MS-CHAPv2, EAP-GTC); CCXv4 certified;support for IPv6; FIPS140-2 Certified
WPAN Radio Bluetooth®: Class II, v2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR);integrated antenna
Data Capture Characteristics
1D Laser Scanner (SE950) Resolution: 4 Mil minimum element width
Scan Rate: 104 (+/- 12) scans/sec (bi-directional)
Scan Angle: 47° ± 3° default; configurable narrow angle: 35° ± 3°
Range on 100% UPCA Near: 1.75 in./4.45 cmat 30 ft./candles: Far: 15.35 in./39 cm
Roll: ±35° from verticalPitch Angle: ±65° from normalSkew Tolerance: ±50° from normal
2D Imager (SE4500-HD) Sensor Resolution: 752 x 480 pixels
Aiming LED (VLD): 655 ± 10 nm Laser
Field of View: Horizontal: 39°; Vertical: 25°
Illumination Element (LED): 625 ± 5 nm LEDs (2x)
Skew Tolerance: ±60°Pitch Tolerance: ±60°Roll Tolerance: 360°
Ambient Light Immunity: Total darkness to 9,000 ft. candles/96,900 lux
Range on 100% UPCA Near: 2.62 in./6.65 cm.at 30 ft./candles: Far: 6.1 in./15.49 cm
2D Imager (SE4500-SR) Sensor Resolution: 752 x 480 pixels
Aiming LED (VLD): 655 ± 10 nm Laser
Field of View: Horizontal: 38°; Vertical: 25°
Illumination Element (LED): 625 ± 5 nm LEDs (2x)
Skew Tolerance: ±60°Pitch Tolerance: ±60°Roll Tolerance: 360°
Ambient Light Immunity: Total darkness to 9,000 ft. candles/96,900 lux
Range on 100% UPCA Near: 2.5 in./6.35 cmat 30 ft./candles: Far: 14.2 in./36.07 cm
Data Capture Specifications Scanning: Symbol SE950 for 1D bar codes; Symbol SE4500-SRimager for 1D/2D bar codes; Symbol SE4500-HD 2Dimager for 1D/2D bar codes and direct part marksOptions: Three available models: MC31X0 Turret withRotating Head; MC31X0 Straight Shooter;MC3190 Gun
Power Specifications
Cradle Single-slot USB/RS232 charging cradle with spare battery well; Four-slot charge only cradle; four slot Ethernet cradle
Power Supply Straight Shooter Imager or Laser:Rechargeable Lithium Ion 4800 mAh @ 3.7VdcSmart Battery
Power Continued: Rotating Turret Laser:Rechargeable Lithium Ion 2740 mAh@ 3.7Vdc Smart BatteryGun Configurations:Rechargeable Lithium Ion 4800 mAh@ 3.7Vdc Smart Battery
Environment Characteristics
Ambient Light Immunity Tolerant to typical artificial indoor and naturaloutdoor (direct sunlight) lighting conditions.Fluorescent, Incandescent, Mercury Vapor,Sodium Vapor, LED: 450 Ft Candles (4,844 Lux)Sunlight: 8000 Ft Candles (86,111 Lux)Note: LED lighting with high AC ripple contentcan impact scanning performance.
Drop Specification Multiple 4 ft./1.2 m drops to concrete acrossthe operating temperature range, Multiple 5 ft./1.5 m drops to concrete at ambient temperature73° F/23° C; meets and exceeds MIL-STD 810G
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) +/-15kVDC air discharge, +/-8kVDC directdischarge, +/-8kVDC indirect discharge
Environmental Sealing IP54 category 2; meets applicable EN 60529sealing specifications
Humidity 5 - 95% non-condensing
Operating Temperature -4° F to 122° F/-20° C to 50° C
Storage & Charging Temperature Storage Temp.: -40° F to 158° F/-40° C to 70° CBattery Charging Temp.: 32° F to 104° F/0° C to 40° C
Tumble Specification 500 1.64 ft./0.5 m tumbles (1,000 drops) at roomtemperature per IEC 68-2-32 tumble specifications
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (W x H x D) Straight Shooter Imager or Laser:7.49 in. L x 3.25 in. W x 1.77 in. D/190.4 mm x 82.6 mm x 45.2 mmAt grip: 2.40 in. W x 1.44 in. D/61.2 mm x 36.8 mmRotating Turret Laser:8.55 in. L x 3.25 in. W x 1.57 in. D/217.12 mm x 82.6 mm x 39.9 mmAt grip: 2.40 in. W x 1.14 in. D/61.2 mm x 29 mmGun Configurations:7.5 in. L x 3.2 in. W x 6.5 in. D/193 mm x 80.8 mm x 166 mm
Display 3.0 in. color (TFT) (320 x 320) display with backlight
Backlight: LED Backlight
Expansion Slot User accessible SD/MMC slot; approved for memory expansion only
Keypad 28-key Numeric, 38-key Shifted Alpha(calculator-style integrated numeric keypad),48-key Alpha-Numeric (calculator-style integratednumeric keypad)
Touch Panel Chemically strengthened glass, analogresistive touch
Voice and Audio Audio: VoWLAN; rugged audio connector; high-qualityspeakerphone; headset, (wired or Bluetooth);handset and speaker phone modes
Weight (Including Strap, Stylus, and Battery) Straight Shooter Imager or Laser: 14.95 oz./424 gm (with WLAN)Rotating Turret Laser:13.52 oz./384 gm (with WLAN)Gun Configuration18.34 oz./520 gm
Peripherals and Accessories Printers: Supports Motorola approved printers
Chargers: Four-slot battery charger; adaptor for universalbattery charger
Other Accessories: Holsters, charging cables, magnetic stripe reader,dial up modem, spare batteries and audio cables
Regulatory Approvals Environmental: RoHS-compliant
EMI/RFI Radio Versions: USA: FCC Part 15Canada: RSS210 Class BEU: EN 301 489-1, 489-17
EMI/RFI Batch Versions: USA: FCC Part 15Canada: ICES 003 Class BEU: EN55022 Class B EN55024Japan: CISPR 22, Class BAustralia: AS3548
RF Exposure: USA: FCC Part 2, FCC OET Bulletin 65 Supplement CCanada: RSS-102EU: EN 62311Australia: Radiocommunications Standard 2003
WLAN and Bluetooth: USA: FCC Part 15.247, 15.407Canada: RSS-210EU: EN 300 328, EN 301 893Japan: ARIB STD-T33, T66, T70, T71Australia: AS/NZS 4268
Electrical Safety: Certified to UL60950-1, CSA C22.2No. 60950-1,EN60950-1/IEC 60950-1Laser Safety: IEC Class2/FDA Class II in accordance withIEC60825-1/EN60825-1
User Options RECOMMENDED SERVICES:Customer Services: Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage
Warranty The MC3100 is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for aperiod of 12 months from date of shipment, provided that the product remainsunmodified and is operated under normal and proper conditions.

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