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Honeywell Dolphin 99EXni Hand-Held Terminal

Honeywell Dolphin 99EXni
  • Honeywell Dolphin 99EXni
  • Honeywell Dolphin 99EXni
  • Honeywell Dolphin 99EXni

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1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Superior Durability: Incorporates an IP67-rated design that withstands multiple 6 feet drops to concrete and 2,000 1 meter tumbles, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership for enterprises
  • Shift-PLUS Power Management: Enhances productivity by providing full shift battery life, eliminating the need for employees to carry spare batteries or chargers
  • Adaptus® Imaging Technology 6.0: Enables multi¬functional data capture by providing fast scanning of linear and 2D bar codes with excellent motion tolerance, as well as seamless image capture through use of an integrated color camera
  • Designed For Use in Hazardous Locations: Certified for use in specified hazardous locations Class I and II, Division 2, ATEX Zone 2 Gas, Zone 22 Dust by Intertek
  • Fast and Reliable Wireless Connectivity: Delivers full wireless coverage for applications inside and outside of the four walls, allowing real-time access to critical data
  • Optimal Combination of Performance and Usability: Improves ease of use and worker efficiency with a large outdoor-viewable screen, multiple keypad options, a super fast CPU and smart sensors
  • Optional Remote MasterMind® Software Package: Extends mobile workforce capabilities and reduces total cost of ownership by providing a turnkey remote device management solution
  • Optional Service Made Simple™ Service Plans: Offers comprehensive, hassle-free protection on the device investment for up to five years after purchase

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Dolphin® 99EXni mobile computers are certified equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres including chemical, oil and gas, life sciences and utilities.  Moreover, the 99EXni provides user-friendly ergonomics, cutting-edge wireless technology, multi-functional data capture and extreme durability. The reliable and intuitive Dolphin 99EXni delivers an outstanding feature set that enables improved productivity for mobile workers. Integrated Shift-PLUS™ technology provides all day battery life, minimizing the time and expense incurred when batteries need to be charged or replaced. The Dolphin 99EXni is IP67-rated and can withstand multiple 6 feet (1.8 meters) drops to concrete, ensuring years of trouble-free operation. The 99EXni features the latest in wireless technology, including a software- definable radio that allows on-the-fly switching between GSM and CDMA networks, leading to improved network coverage and lower costs related to device provisioning and deployment. Additionally, built-in Wi-Fi provides workers with access to critical data using the new, lightning fast 802.11n standard while still supporting legacy a/b/g protocols.


Performance Characteristics
CPU/Processor Texas Instruments® OMAP3715 1.0GHz processor
I/O Ports RS-232/USB 2.0/audio out/charging connector, integrated IrDA port with support for SIR mode
Memory 1GB discrete NAND flash x 256 MB RAM
Operating System Microsoft® Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Professional and Classic
Communication Modules
GPS Integrated Assisted GPS (A-GPS) with fast position acquisition and low power consumption
WLAN Radio 802.11a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi™ - certified
WLAN Security WPA, WPA2 (Personal and Enterprise), 802.11x, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS/MSCHAPv2, PEAPv0/EAP-MSCHAPv2,PEAPv1/EAP-GTC, WMM, CWG-RF Profile, CCX v.4, WAPI
WPAN Radio Bluetooth® V2.1, support for enhanced data rate 2.0 Mbps & 3.0 Mbps rates class II
WWAN Radio GSM (Voice and Data): 3.9G - HSPA+ (800/850/1900/1700/2100 MHz), GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)Software definable Gobi 3000 (data only): 3.9G – HSPA+/UMTS (800/850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz), GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900MHz), EVDO Rev A - 1xRTT/EVDO (800/1900 MHz); support for dual SIM card
Data Capture Characteristics
Decode Capabilities Reads standard 1D and 2D symbologies
Imager/Scanner N5600/5603 Standard range (SR), Extended range (ER), and High Density (HD) imagers with high-visibility laseror green LED aimer. All imagers have 25° angle and come equipped with Adaptus 6.0 Imaging Technology
Power Specifications
Battery Life Standard/Extended: 9 hours/15.5 hours (scanning and sending data over WLAN every 9 seconds)Standard/Extended: 8 hours/14.75 hours (scanning and sending data over WWAN every 15 seconds, GPScontinuously receiving information)
Extended Battery Extended – Li-ion, 3.7V, 5000mAh
Standard Battery Battery Standard – Li-ion, 3.7V, 3060mAh;
Environment Characteristics
Development Environment Honeywell SDK for Windows® Embedded
Drop Specification Withstands multiple 6´ (1.8m) drops to concrete, all axis, and across operating temperature range
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Air: ±15 KV; Contact: ±8 KV
Environmental Sealing Independently certified to meet IP67 standards for moisture and particle resistance
Hazardous Location Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D, (Class I Div 2 US and Canada)Class II, Division 2, Groups F, G (Class II Div 2 US and Canada)Ex II 3 G D Ex ic IIC T6 Gc Ex ic IIIB T88°C Dc
Operating Temperature -4° to 122°F (-20° to 50°C)
Relative Humidity 95% humidity, non-condensing
Storage Temperature -13° to 158°F (-25° to 70°C)
Tumble Specification Exceeds 2,000 (1m) tumbles per IEC 60068-2-32 specification
Physical Characteristics
Audio Speaker, HAC compliant receiver, microphone
Camera 3.1 megapixel camera with Automated Camera Control (ACC). Features include automated picture profiles, cameraApplication Programming Interface (API), cooperational use of camera and imager, and flashlight utility
Dimensions (W x H x D) 8.5? L x 2.7? W (keypad) x 1.5? (standard battery)/1.8? (extended battery)215 mm L x 69 mm W (keypad) x 39 mm (standard battery)/45mm (extended battery)
Display Chemically strengthened 3.7? transflective active matrix glass display, VGA (480x640), 333 nits
Keypad Options Backlit 55-key alphanumeric, 43-key alpha shifted numeric, 34-key numeric shifted alpha (phone or calculator style)
Storage Expansion MicroSD card (support for up to 32GB)
Touch Panel Industrial touch panel with resistive touch and support for finger touch and stylus
Weight Standard battery – 505g (17.8 oz); Extended battery – 581g (20.5 oz)
User Options Service Plans Optional three-and five-year Service Made Simple programs offer worry-free mobile computing
Warranty 1 year factory warranty

About Honeywell

Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges initiated by revolutionary macrotrends in science, technology and society. A Fortune 100 company, we create solutions to improve the quality of life of people around the globe: generating clean, healthy energy – and using it more efficiently. Increasing our safety and security. Enabling people around the world to connect, communicate, and collaborate. And equipping our customers to be even more productive. With approximately 132,000 employees worldwide, including more than 22,000 engineers and scientists, we have an unrelenting commitment to quality and delivering results in everything we make and do.
Source: www.honeywell.com

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