Why Should You Use 2D Barcode Scanner?
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25-09-2015 00:00:00
Why Should You Use 2D Barcode Scanner?
Barcodes are omnipresent these days literally, as one can find them on almost every consumable item available on sales counters. Graduating from the now defunct 1D barcodes, many manufacturers around the world are now using 2D barcodes because they offer improved functionality and efficiency that can't be achieved with linear 1D.
While QR codes can be easily read by most of the smart phones and mobile devices, 2D barcodes don't offer this facility to users. Then why people increasingly adopt 2D barcodes that need a scanner while they can easily read QR codes with their mobile phones? There are several good reasons for using 2D barcodes and 2D barcode scanner. Here are some of the major advantages of using 2D barcodes and 2D barcode scanners for all types of retail and non-retail businesses.
More efficiency and less human error
Manually entering data in computer spreadsheets and databases or through pen and paper mode is not only time-consuming but also error prone. When errors occur, it will become almost impossible to detect them until the time arises when you need to locate a missing item or data by spending a lot of time and energy. Retail businesses that adopt barcode scanners from manual systems can save even weeks of human labor and see sharp reductions in errors and time consumed in inventory or asset management.
Can Scan Both 1D and 2D Barcodes
Switching over to 2D barcode scanners, your business is ready to face the future, while working with the past. This means, 2D barcode scanners can be used to read 1D barcodes as well and you won't face any problem with your suppliers or customers who are still using 1D barcodes. This means your business can move forward with the new technology but need not have to dump existing system or demand 2D barcodes from clients, suppliers or customers.
No drastic cost variation
Though price difference is obvious due to technology and advantages, one can recover the extra amount paid for 2D barcode system within few days. However, with 1D barcode system becoming defunct, the increasing demand for 2D barcodes has made these devices cheaper having only marginal difference compared to 1D scanner. Investing in a 2D barcode system saves time and reduces inventory time and asset loses and hence in many cases it quickly pays for itself.
Mobility and wireless connectivity
Many 2D barcode scanners are compatible with mobile devices and computers equipped with Bluetooth to transmit data wirelessly. Corded devices are cumbersome to carry and can't reach items kept at particular distance. Cordless barcode scanners with Bluetooth can save time and can transfer the information/data stored in the scanner to the computer system almost immediately.
Customize the data captured
2D barcodes contain much more details and data compared to traditional linear 1D barcode. So, you can customize the data captured in the devices and store the way you want to for future use. Hence the ability of the organizations increases as they can achieve specific goals and create a database catered to their needs.
Functionality and Versatility
The linear 1D barcode scanners can only scan barcodes one at a time and more so from one angle only. This makes scanning process difficult and complicated and in some cases squarely impossible.
However, 2D barcode scanners are multi-directional and can scan from any angle. This helps when one needs to reach barcoded items that are kept at higher elevations like shelves or in odd locations. Moreover, 2D barcode scanners can scan multiple barcodes in a single shot. This means one can scan four barcodes with one scanning and can get information such as items' serial number, lot, part number and date. Also, 2D scanners can also scan barcodes from screens like smart phones, which are useful for ticketing and couponing events.
Wide usages
When you look at 1D barcodes, they are long and need a flat straight surface to print. This works well for items in a grocery store or traditional packaging unit, but not for the kind of functionalities the traders look at. But 2D barcodes can be made in different formats - small, big or curved. If one wants to make branded barcodes for ads or logos they can possible with colors. This flexibility is no possible with the traditional 1D barcode system.
Using 2D barcodes and scanners will give traders an accurate and simple way to track inventory, sales and profits and assets that their business depends on every day. These devices are god sent for traders who can use this versatile tool that can save their time and money almost instantly.
-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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