Why Point of Sale Systems are better than Cash Registers
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07-05-2015 00:00:00
Why Point of Sale Systems are better than Cash Registers

Technology advancement makes certain most-widely used yesteryear devices redundant and the traditional cash registers at billing counters of many shopping centres have become one among the many such devices assuming “yesteryear” tag. Even a few years ago mechanical cash registers were the only device available for traders in town, but companies these days have many options.

Modern point of sale machines have a number of important benefits compared to antiquated cash registers.

One of the major advantages of Point of sale system is that it simplifies the entire accounting process compared to old fashioned cash registers which force accounting personnel to go through the huge pile of receipts. With a point of sale system, financial people can simply get the reports with a click of a button.

A point of sale system, unlike a conventional cash register, helps the retailer with an overall inventory management system. Shop owners can track high and low demand of products and can reorder those products whose stock goes low.

With modern day POS system or cash registers one can effortlessly track all past transactions. Suppose, if you want to know the sales figure achieved on a particular day of a previous month, POS system can get you that details in a jiffy. On the other hand, age-old cash registers take several hours of laborious manual work to get the same detail. Sometimes the end results would go wrong owing to human error.

Purchase orders can be created all by you using POS machines thus eliminating the extra time spent in ordering process. The same can also be automated to ensure that you don’t run out of the hottest selling items.

Another advantage of modern day cash registers/POS machines is that workers are comfortable with these devices compared to the old-modelled mechanised cash registers. In fact, the present workforce, some of them might not even seen the traditional cash registers, are, however, very comfortable with computerized technology adopted by the modern POS machines.

POS devices, no doubt, are faster than the out-dated cash registers on every retail process. From validating a credit card payment to printing a sales receipt, the work is carried out faster and smoother way thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

With technology advancement, modern cash registers which comes with computerised system, can provide customers with more informative itemized bills. Many old type cash registers can only give bills with date and sale amount. Since POS devices are tied with inventory control system, they can offer much more details, including the list price, sale price, description of the item sold, bonus/reward points, discounted sum, and many more.

Also, POS machines are less prone to human errors unlike manual devices. In the traditional cash registers, the chances of hitting a wrong key when ringing a sale is more compared to point of sale devices as the later have built-in checking mechanism to ensure the accuracy of the information entered.

With cloud and wireless POS ruling the roost, one can effortlessly get real time inventory, something not possible by even the best yesteryears’ cash registers. In fact, implementing a point of sale system can eliminate the need of costly hand count.

The repair and maintenance costs of point of sale device are much lower than a cash register. With the number of companies that repair mechanical cash registers dwindling making the repair costs high, one can easily find repair centres for point of sale devices and the repair costs would be lower than the traditional cash registers.

So, there are many reasons why you should consider replacing the old-fashioned cash register with the state-of-the-art point of sale device. No doubt they can lower the cost of doing business for you while enhancing productivity. It’s time to switch over from a chugging cash register to an elegant and fast point of sale system.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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