Why Electronic and Electrical Retail Stores Need Advanced POS System
13-02-2018 00:00:00
Why Electronic and Electrical Retail Stores Need Advanced POS System

Handling customers at any retail store during peak hours/seasons can be a daunting task for counter staff, workers and floor managers. Specially, when you are dealing with electrical or electronic components or devices, you have thousands of inventories to account for, and manually processing them will be time consuming, tedious and error prone which can prove pricey to store owners. 


Automation and digitization have helped retailers selling electrical and electronic items to adopt Point of Sale (POS) technology to run their business operations smoothly and efficiently ensuring customers get excellent shopping experience.  


POS technology has evolved significantly over the years. Gone are the days when retailers provide hand-made bills for the goods purchased and manually prepare daily sales reports and inventory in excel sheets. But things have changed now. Automation has been ruling the retail businesses and store owners have no qualm in adopting this technology which offers them multiple benefits with little cost. 


For electrical and electronic stores, one may require a computer system with POS software integrated with barcode scanner, thermal printer, cash drawer (optional), barcode printer, card reader and a payment terminal.


Let us discuss about the advantages of having advanced point of sale system for your retail store.


POS as efficient queue buster


POS devices with suitable retail software can help counter staff bill your customers fast and efficiently thereby reducing the time customers spend in queues to pay the bill. There are hand-held mobile POS (MPOS) devices available in the market, which can make your store staff bill customers on the spot. These devices can be connected to internet and hence stores can offer door delivery services too by providing MPOS devices to delivery personnel to collect payments (cash or card) at customer places. 


Inventory tracking 


These are the most important functions of a retail store where every retailer would want to automate and avoid complex manual operations. Since advanced POS software now become affordable, retailers selling electrical and electronic items can get tailor-made POS software to suit their business size and needs. When sales happen, the POS machines automatically adjust the inventory of the products sold and provide instant report to the store managers or owners about the current count of all the components. 


Get Instant Reports and Plan Business Better


Not only this, store managers can get several vital information regarding sales such as peak sale duration, high and low demand products, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly sales reports, real time sales and inventory positions of multiple stores, sales target achieved by store executives, customer footfalls, customer buying pattern, most valued customers, etc. Such information can help them plan better for their business growth and provide improved services to their customers


CRM initiatives 


Apart from better sales and inventory tracking operations, POS devices can help store owners engage with customers and improve sales. POS devices controlled by suitable POS software can send discount coupons to customers during  special occasions, offer them spot discounts when they visit store, send them mails and SMSs regarding new arrivals and discounts on new products, etc.


So investing in POS can be wise decision for store owners who want to surge ahead with the competition with competent peers.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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