Why do you need mobile POS for your restaurant
Mobile POS
22-08-2016 00:00:00
Why do you need mobile POS for your restaurant

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar eating joint, order and carry food court or any other eatery, having a perfect POS system can help you accept payment efficiently and quickly from customers wherever you/they are without forcing them to make a beeline to cash counter.


Having a Mobile POS device can complement your traditional POS system also and can give your customers an unforgettable dining experience in your restaurant. Mobile POS are simple to use, handy, cost efficient, trendy and holds host of features to simplify your business activities.


So, what is mobile POS?


Mobile POS or mPOS devices look similar to your smart phones or tablets but are programmed in such a way that it act as individual POS terminals doing all the works of traditional billing devices and can be carried to any part of the restaurant or business places for instant and secured transaction. 


These devices can be a separate secure card reader (MSR) and one can have several devices linked to single bank account. This means that your restaurant managers can take orders as well as accept card payments anytime and anywhere. 


There are several apps available, both subscription-based and free, depending upon your nature of food business for mPOS, in the market. For free apps, you have to care only the banking charges for every swipe. 


mPOS can be used for busting the queue. MPOS, apart from being used an individual billing system also can act as a backup to the traditional POS system when you want to bust the queue during the peak hours. It can also come handy during power failures or whenever you are trading outdoors like at food festivals, home delivery or any kind of pop-up event. 


Can traditional POS and mPOS go hand-in-hand? POS softwares and apps are available in the market that can make traditional desktop and mobile or portable devices work hand-in-hand, and can be connected to one central server and bank account. MPOS terminals are quick and easy to install, affordable, fast processing and can have special feature such as including a tip to bearer.


What about using a payment app instead of a card reader?


Payment apps are becoming a popular option among restauranteurs as it offers unlimited advantages for owners and customers. However, customers still have apprehensions to accept mPOS facility as they feel that their credit/debit card details can be compromised for illegal transactions by unscrupulous criminals. Many customers opt for online payment mode rather than pay through card for the sake of safety. 


However, with secured POS software and payment solutions available, restaurants can make transactions safe and secure for customers.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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