Why Do Businesses Need Barcode Scanners to Improve Sales?
Barcode Scanners
20-03-2017 00:00:00
Why Do Businesses Need Barcode Scanners to Improve Sales?

Once considered to insulate food products against adulteration, barcodes have now become omnipresent across all industries for its wide usage covering various applications. 


Not only in supermarkets and hypermarkets, barcodes are being used in pharmaceutical industry to prevent drug adulteration, on test samples in hospitals, automobile industry, electronic and electrical products and logistics and transportation providing vital information such as date of manufacturing/packing, expiry date and product details including net weight, ingredients, destinations, certifications, etc. 


Barcodes can be decoded by a special device called barcode scanner which uses laser beams to retrieve information embedded on the horizontal black and white stripes also known as 2D barcodes. Barcode scanners are classified into simple barcode scanners, linear imager barcode scanners, laser barcode scanners, area imager barcode scanners and CCD barcode scanners according to their usage and industry applications.


Barcode scanners are used as Mobile Computers, Hand-held Barcode Scanners, Self-checkout Barcode Scanners and Retail Barcode Scanners and are widely adopted by various retail and non-retail businesses. 


Mobile Computers


Mobile Computers are small and handy barcode scanners which are used to read real time information for businesses while improving accuracy, speed and number of tasks performed in a particular time. The usage of multi-purpose mobile computers and their overwhelming demand in the global retail market has been aiding the growth of barcode scanner market.


According to research studies, Mobile Computers are generating over 56% of the overall revenue to barcode scanner market. They are highly adopted for its usage in tracking inventory, supporting field technicians and increasing productivity and efficiency of business.


Hand-held Barcode Scanners


Hand-held barcode scanners are used to make maximum resource utilisation through inventory management and asset tracking. Since these mobile devices are compact and light in weight, they are suitable to cover large areas like warehouses and (stock taking) super markets. Portable barcode scanners are affordable and also ideal for longtime and rugged use.


Self-checkout Barcode Scanners


According to studies, self-checkout laser barcode scanners, which are growing at a CAGR of 7 per cent, are capable of increasing market share quickly as they are being widely adopted in retail Point of Sale environments to aid customers complete transactions quickly and safely without spending time at queues.


The merchandise selected by them are weighed and placed in the checkout area and then verified against the registered weight to ensure accuracy when payment is made. Also, these barcode scanners can accept payments through different modes, hence eliminating the need for cashiers while increasing customer experience at POS or checkouts.


Apart from in-store business management, barcode scanners with appropriate built-in retail software can be used for various back-store business applications such as inventory management which help the store to reduce wastages, improve customer relation management, and prevent unwanted inventory and excess stocking of unpopular merchandise.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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