Use Single POS Platform for Multiple Retail Businesses
25-07-2017 00:00:00
Use Single POS Platform for Multiple Retail Businesses

Once a humble cash register, the Point Of Sale (POS) has transformed into a dependable and dominant tool for restaurants, hotels, kirana stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and many more retail businesses. 


POS has virtually changed the hospitality industry upside down with technology improving consumer experience manifolds.


Digital POS and Mobile POS platforms create improved customer experience that emphasizes on consistency and convenience. But the biggest advantage is that the customer data thus collected can help the hospitality service providers extending personalized services to win consumers’ admiration.


There are six advantages that restaurants and hotels can gain from using advanced Point Of Sale system compared to other conventional or traditional cash registers:


Have Single POS Platform:


Having a single POS platform for multiple food courts and restaurant chains is always beneficial as it improves customer satisfaction, increases sales and helps brand building. Many food chains, in order to achieve quick turnover through rapid expansion, allow franchisees to have their own POS system.


While integrated POS platforms can help improve business values and customer experience, independent POS system can be a deterrent for growth due to more implementation time and frequent training, more so when they have multiple brands and chain of restaurants. A centralized POS can be a powerful tool for consistent brand-building.


Create Strong Omnichannel Strategy:


Having a POS system which can work seamlessly in multiple platforms such as order management, PMS, loyalty, ecommerce and mobility will help cross-channel customer shopping experience. Such system can help hospitality providers recognize customers across all touchpoints. For customers, they are assured of consistent experience, pricing and menu details whether they’re getting it via online, kiosk or through a drive-in window. The success of omni-channel POS depends on choosing the right platform that has a centralized cloud component and strong support for APIs that can avoid installing expensive technology in every outlet.


Strike Personal Note with Customers:


Customers prefer to be pampered by retail shop owners with lucrative offers and coupons. Personalized messages about new brand arrivals, attractive offers and coupons, loyalty bonus points, etc can be sent through a single digital POS platform. These days, through Digital POS platforms hospitality providers get huge customer database, integrate CRM, handle loyalty management platforms effectively and with the help of social media analytics, track customers’ preferences and habits. For example, the detailed analytics will let you know which customers are likely to enter the hotel’s spa, or which diners will prefer a salad over a burger.


Many restaurants use sensor-driven technologies such as beacons and geo-fencing which can be integrated with POS system to offer real-time marketing and targeted promotions. For restaurant chains, an integrated single POS platform can enable them to understand what people prefer to eat and what they can order together, and use those data to upsell. For restaurateurs owing multiple eating places, by examining POS data across the outlets, they can understand the trends and plan localized strategies.


Spend more Time with Customers:


A digital POS offers ATM payment (Anytime Mobile payment) facility to customers who can by-pass long queues at checkouts. Mobile POS not only gives best customer experience but also makes shop executives connect with customers to deepen the loyalty. With fast-food sector catching up with self-serve and cashless kiosks, implementing near-field communication (NFC) and digital payments enables seamless business experience. Mobile client solutions which run on smartphones and tablets empower hotel staff spending more time with customers, whether it’s poolside beverages or tableside orders.


Develop Seamless Operations:


Integration is the catch-word for the digital POS platforms. With plug-and-play connectivity and APIs, Point of Purchase can offer the best customer-service ecosystems. For example, connecting with third-party service providers such as ride-sharing providers Ola or Uber and online food delivery apps such as Faasos, Swiggy, GoGrab or DineIn can be possible.  


Digital POS can also be connected remotely with kitchens for better operational efficiency as these machines can monitor how many Pizzas have been sold and decide when to procure ingredients or start the oven again. 


Be Ready for Future:


Digital technology is rapidly changing the POS system. It may be possible that POS be added augmented and virtual reality functionality to let marketers provide information in new exciting ways. For example, loyalty cards might be integrated with AR/VR headsets, helping high-value customers to have visual treat on offers. Transactions can soon move beyond mobile devices and POS terminals to smart home devices and payment-enabled wearable devices. 


A single POS platform is the right step to your hospitality business future.

-K Ramanathan

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