Use Colour Label Printer to Enhance Your Business
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13-06-2017 00:00:00
Use Colour Label Printer to Enhance Your Business

Colour label printers are inkjet printers which are used in varied industrial environments to print clear images, colour codes and pictograms to highlight relevant information on merchandise or packages or on display racks.


These printers are highly useful in retail sector including general grocery stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, medical stores, bakery shops, entertainment industry, to name a few.

Mostly used as back-store support system for any retail business to print labels, images or barcodes with relevant product information, Inkjet Colour Label Printers can recreate crystal clear digital images by injecting high speed ink droplets on chemical coated papers. 


Commonly used in general retailing and entertainment sectors, colour label printers are sturdy, cost effective, less noisy, easy to operate and install and reliable compared to other types of printers.


Made to meet customers’ requirements of providing low or high-volume labels with high-mix applications, colour label printers encourage retailers to print multiple variations of colour label in quick intervals, improving productivity and product identification.

Also known as Digital Colour Label Printers, these printers are available with stunning image resolution and they can print upto four inches per second in 4-colour system. To add value to customers, these printers can also offer more black ink which can improve the colour ranges customers want to reproduce. 


Inkjet Colour label printers, contrary to general belief, are cost effective and can improve productivity. One can also set the on-demand printing so that one doesn’t have to keep the inventory of expensive colour labels. On-demand colour labelling technology can save customers up to 50 per cent on labelling costs and enhance work productivity.

Customers buying colour labels should check that colour labels are coated with chemicals which are environment friendly and safe for human handling. Always look for GHS-compliant labels, which are safe and environment friendly. Some manufacturers use pigment inks and wide variety of media which are BS certified making it an ideal cost-effective option for GHS market.

Always look for colour label printers which can produce clear, crisp, easy-to-read barcodes and text and vibrant graphics which should be fade resistant and long-lasting, and can also be used in extreme weather conditions with quick drying feature. Choose printers which can produce images and printers which are smudges and water-resistant, even on ordinary paper.

Now-a-days, digital colour label printers are coming with high-tech sensors and auto nozzle check system, which can detect clogs and ink droplets and can automatically clean the nozzle quickly so that users get professional quality printed labels in every use.

Businesses should select the Colour Label Printers which offer advanced feature. For example, Epson’s latest colour label printer TM-C3510 can be installed easily and offer very low maintenance cost. The printer can support all major software applications, monitor ink levels using an LCD display and multiple network printers.

Environment Protection


As mentioned earlier, manufacturers are taking protecting environment as prime factor while doling out upgraded and new printers in the market. Colour label printers are not exception to this trend. Inkjet printing technology doesn’t use heating components unlike its thermal counterparts. 


For example, Epson’s TM-C3510 is energy efficient as it consumes less power during printing and standby mode. Also, the printer is Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant and adheres to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directives.

-K Ramanathan

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