Take the Right Step to Modernize your Point Of Sale!
24-06-2016 00:00:00
Take the Right Step to Modernize your Point Of Sale!

Can you afford to make your customers frown in the long queues at checkouts? If you don’t have a suitable “queue-busting” mechanism, you are sure to lose your customers to the more sophisticated stores in your area.


With “time” becoming premium for people to waste, standing even a few minutes at check-outs would be the last thing they would expect at your store. With retail boom happening everywhere pinning on improved shopping experience, checkouts invariably decide the possibility of customers returning to your store. Simply put, the make or break of your business can be unfolded at the checkouts.


As competition is rife among retail businesses for survival in India, the ones who have better store management technology and customer friendly checkouts will have an edge over others.  Also, long queues coupled with unskilled POS attendants can make customers switch their loyalty swiftly leaving you high and dry. - K Ramanathan (ram@justransact.om)


Commenting on this, Mr Bhaskar Venkatraman, a veteran POS technologist and founder and director of JusTransact.com, India’s exclusive e-commerce site for POS hardware, said: “India is on the verge of a retail revolution and Point Of Sale takes a major role in augmenting the growth. Retailers across India are taking customer shopping experience as prime yardstick to automate their stores. It is the question of their survival now, as customers prefer organized retailers more than the traditional street corner shops. So, if you don’t provide them with great shopping experience, you can't stay for long.”


According to Brickstream, a leading behavior intelligence firm, about half of customers who have to wait in a checkout line even for five minutes won’t come back again. So, it is imperative to keep your checkouts filled with advanced point of sale technology products like POS billing machine or cash register, automatic cash drawer, barcode scanner, thermal printer to print receipts quickly, MSR, reliable billing software support coupled with competent and polite POS staff.


If you feel that you have sophisticated your POS and can expect great shopping experience for customers at your stall, then you are mistaken. You are just half way through. You need to strengthen your back-end store management like inventory automation, staff management, getting periodic sales reports, customer behavior analysis, royalty program, customer data management and so on.


POS machines available these days, irrespective of brands, are capable of providing complete store management even if you don’t have not-so-competent store attendants. POS machines and the supportive software can be chosen as per your business, needs, budget and applications.


For example, for a person manning a kirana store, if he wants to upgrade/automate his transaction, he may need a basic POS cash register/terminal with supportive software, a thermal receipt printer, card reader to receive payment and a barcode scanner for billing.


Other accessories such as cash drawer, pole display, etc can be included as an add-on later. The same holds true for other applications like bakeries, hotels, kiosks, general utility stores, textile showrooms, drug stores, hospitals, cinema halls, toll gates, warehouses, parking places, etc.


So, when you choose POS machines for your checkouts next time, do a quick analysis about your business needs and applications which will help you to freeze the right configuration of hardware and software for your business without wasting your precious time and money.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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