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Technology, no doubt, has reduced complexities in our daily life. With the advent of innovation in technology, notably in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, retailers in India, under stiff competition, are forced to realise that how they can utilise these devices to their advantages in order to boost productivity, cut costs and improve profit margins. Tablet POS is one such technology which has come with hordes of advantages for the retail sector.

If you are a retailer of any size and look to improve your POS solution, boost customer experience andenhance efficiency of your business operations, POS Tablet is ideal for you. The tablet will give you perfect balance in terms of size and reliability while allowing you to manoeuvreit in one hand.

POS Tablets are developed with specific purpose which can offer optimal combination of applications to meet the mobile needs of operation in retail or hospitality sector.

With the tablet in hand, you will get the mobility along with durability and elegance your business environment warrants. In addition, migrating to tablet POS from your current fixed POSperipherals will be seamless without affecting your daily operation.

Advantages of Tablet POS

•Reduced upfront and long-term costs.

•Ability to manage your business on the go.

•Free Instant upgrades

•Fast billing, inventory checking and data access.

•Appealing and elegant that give new dimension to customer handling.

•Better queue management.

•Can be connected to all supportive POS devices seamlessly.

•Low power usage and also saves floor space for retailer.

Industry and applications

Tablet POS, like other conventional POS terminals and devices, can be used in general retail, food and beverages, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, distribution, transportation, micro-finance, banking and tolling with applications ranging from parking management,billing and order taking to queue management, mobile banking, field sales automation, ticketing, route automation, among others.

More so, lower cost, reduced risk and higher productivity are important contributors to your business’s bottom-line when you adopt POS tablets.As always, we are available at to clear your doubts you may have about upgrading to tablet POS system.

-K Ramanathan

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