Switching over to cloud POS terminals!
24-02-2015 00:00:00
Switching over to cloud POS terminals!

There has been a lot of debate among brick-and-mortar retail shop owners over switching from the traditional fixed and in-store point of sale (POS) system to a cloud-based one that can be run from any intelligent mobile or tablet devices.

Cloud-based POS systems, useful for billing and KOT purposes,deliver a number of advantages over traditional hard-wired devices, with the most important ones being reduction in costs, better administration and improved customer service.

On face value, traditional POS systems that run on mobile devices look very similar to cloud POS devices except that many of these systems provide their own unique value propositions to traders. Cloud-based POS platforms are different among one another due to their integration with digital loyalty programs, mechanisms for creating gift cards and coupons and accounting tools in addition to their price structures.

There are a lot of advantages for merchants who wish to go for cloud POS systems. Some of them are free flow of data, compatibility to operate in various intelligent devices and apps, provide live sales data anytime and anywhere, instant software and security upgradesfromPOS service provider and seamless integration of loyalty programs, payments, rewards andgift cards.

How difficult to migrate to a cloud-based POS system?

Shifting from conventional POS to Cloud POS involves little bit of data transfer activities. For seamless conversion, one should export the entire inventory and customer information to a spreadsheet and then send it to the service provider. Any good cloud POS operator will import these data into your new account so that you won’t face transaction disturbances. However, cloud-based POS systems rely heavily on anall-time strong internet connectivity to process fast transactions, which can be a real problem in India in the event of sudden Internet outage.

Advantages of Cloud POS Terminals

• Provides customers with quick order processing for a better shopping experience

• Improves operational efficiency

• Customers can make their own appointments and reservations using personal devices

• Save valuable retail space and avoid unappealing clutter

• Option to integrate more payment devices.

• The architecture and platform are easily scalable, and maintaining configuration anddata integrity over multiple sites become simple.

• Cloud POS doesn’t require complex and expensive upgrades. Also, deploying remote monitoring may reduce operating and capital expenses.

• Cloud service models and technologies can centralize store operations and help launches instantly leading to saving of time and efforts.

• Retailers can be benefitted using cloud POS by using an operational expense-based model and leveraging best of breed solutions.

• Moving data accumulation across a wide area network within the cloud helps faster analysis of information related to sales, POS logs,transaction, etc.

• Improved relationship with supply chain partners can enhance demand visibility and client service.

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-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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