Stock POS consumables well to avoid checkout fallout
20-10-2016 00:00:00
Stock POS consumables well to avoid checkout fallout

You own a retail store and have recently upgraded your point of sale or billing section with latest POS hardware and software to suit your business. Your customers are now happy to visit your (organized) store as they don’t need to spend hours and get frustrated as automated check-outs or manually-operated POS system can take care of scanning barcodes of goods, process payments and produce bills in just few seconds.


Modern technology helps retailers use mobile point of sale (mPOS) technology, which facilitates customers pay bills and take away goods from anywhere in the shop. These hand-held devices can produce instant bills like fixed Point of Sale printers but has great advantage due to its mobility factor and other features like Wi-fi and Cloud compatibility.


These Point Of Sale printers use chemical coated papers which use heat technology to make impressions on it. They are known as thermal papers and printers, which use such papers at checkouts, are known as POS thermal printers. Though the print impressions are short lived, world over, retailers are increasingly using thermal papers for producing receipts and bills compared to other normal papers used in dot matrix printers due low cost, less noise, low maintenance and high speed.


So, how will you identify which side of the thermal paper rolls has the special coating? A simple test can find out whether they are thermal paper rolls or bond paper. Take a piece of paper from the roll to do the test. 


You have to test both sides of the thermal paper because the solution can be applied on either side of the paper. Now try to create a horizontal line using your finger nail by holding one side of the paper. If the paper is thermal you can see a clear line of impression on the paper, otherwise, you can conclude that it is a bond paper which require ribbon cartridges to print. Repeat the test on the other side of the paper too to check the presence of special coating. 


Depending upon the usage and type of printer, POS consumable manufacturers are making thermal paper rolls with coating either from inside or outside. Thermal paper rolls are termed as Coated Side Out (CSO) and Coated Side In (CSI) depending upon the side the special chemical compound is applied.


In simple terms, if you can make an impression on the top side of the paper, then the thermal paper is CSO. Or, if you find the impression on the lower side of the paper, then such papers belong to CSI category.


Most of the credit/debit payment terminals and POS printers at retail checkouts use CSO type thermal paper rolls. But thermal paper rolls used in ATMs may vary. So you have to be careful while ordering paper rolls for ATM since many of them are made for coded side in thermal paper rolls. 


Thermal paper rolls are ordered in multiple quantities and each box can accommodate twenty or thirty rolls with each having length from 50 to 60 meters. It is better to stock paper rolls to avoid embarrassment and fallouts at checkouts, as in case of end of paper in the printer, the billing staff can immediately pull out a new roll from drawer and mount it to resume printing without any delay. 
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-K Ramanathan

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