Simplify your retail business with Label Printer
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26-05-2015 00:00:00
Simplify your retail business with Label Printer
With the Indian POS sector showing rapid growth supported by new technology and products, retailers are making all efforts to utilize the advanced technology to their fullest advantage. Point of Sale products like cash registers and touch screen monitors with printers, cash drawers and scanners have shrunk the point of sale space giving more room and time for retailers to expand their business activities.
The advent of mobile POS has given them the much-needed mobility to serve customers efficiently within the shop and also outdoors for billing purposes. For warehousing and manufacturing sectors, retailers find label printers useful in increasing productivity and profitability. Predominantly used for general retail, healthcare and office environments, label printers find its usage in asset marking, shelf labeling, lab specimen labelling, patient tracking and labelling of goods for inventory management and effective transportation.
Fast and perfect labelling help retailers save time and improves supply chain management. Label printers are highly useful for receiving and shipping business entities as they require effective labelling on-the-go.
Usage of mobile label printers can increase employees' efficiency and can have better production control. For retailers, this will help them track goods in storerooms during point of sale transactions and also facilitates effective inventory management.
Electronic mobile label makers with integrated keyboard are rugged in use and can be useful in eliminating certain functional disadvantages from conventional methods, while improving time management and efficiency. Some of them come with portable bluetooth and support iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.
Compatible to 6, 9, 12 mm tape widths to generate labels, some of the leading brands of label printers include Epson, Casio, HP and Zebra.
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-K Ramanathan

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