POS receipts can be your brand ambassador
30-11-2015 00:00:00
POS receipts can be your brand ambassador
As per a recent estimate, more than 250 billion receipts are being printed every year at Point Of Sale (POS) counters across the world and most of them are used just to provide a proof of sale, product details, pricing and purchase date. Why not make these receipts 'brand ambassadors' of your business? With conventional mode of advertising becoming unaffordable to most of the small and medium enterprises, they look for a unique and cost-effective, which has great reach to propel their business growth.
Communicating with customers through receipts is better and easier way than other methods as you can amuse and engage them easily to stimulate more purchases. A retailer can design a receipt that not only has the address and name of the store along with purchase details but also can have the store logo to make the receipt more attractive and enhance brand value.
Agrees Bhaskar Venkatraman, CEO and Founder of JusTransact.com, which is India's first e-commerce market place exclusively for Point of Sale (POS) technology products and solutions for retail and non-retail industry.
He said: "Customers usually check their receipts at least once before they leave POS counters. If we include certain interesting and non-intrusive elements in these receipts, which can be both engaging and help build brand value, it will help to enhance the business and customer value. However, retailers should be careful not to pack the receipts with the overdose of information."
There are various ways one can design the receipts to engage with customers. The length and width of the receipts are going to be static. You can't do much about it. But you can always add value to it by including some interesting elements, which can be more engaging and at the same time help bring repeat and new customers to your store.
Some of the elements which you can include without clogging the receipt are logo of the store in clear and attractive colour and design, store's website address (if you have), details of reward points earned and festive and other offers. You can also tell customers about the newly opened branch, developments in the store that you wish to share with your customers and coupon codes offering them discounts if they order certain products within a particular period.
This will have twin effects - make customers to save receipts, which otherwise they would have discarded after the purchase and bring them back to the store to avail the offer, which further enhances the sale volume.
One can also add QR code to get the customer to the website. In brief, a well crafted printer receipt can help generate more money to stores by promoting business. Unlike other conventional ad campaigns, this is very easy to implement and doesn't cost much to the store owners.
So, next time when you print a receipt or invoice, think about how this small piece of paper can help you enhance your brand value and bring in more business.
Also appeared in Merinews.com and in.shafaqna.com
-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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