POS peripherals: Make the right choice
POS Terminals
14-03-2015 00:00:00
POS peripherals: Make the right choice

Point of Sale section of India’s retail sector has seen a drastic change in the recent years. From the traditional hand-written purchase bills, wooden drawers to collect cash to manually taking stocks and doing calculation, everything has seen sea of changes. The advent of supermarkets and hypermarkets in every city in India, people’s preferences have changed, and they don’t want to waste time in standing in a queue to pay the bills for the goods they have purchased.

Point of Sale (POS) products such as touch screen monitors, printers, barcode scanners, pole displays, magnetic strip readers, programmable keyboards and electronic cash drawers, which are collectively known as POS peripherals, are the preferences of any retail showroom these days, as it help to improve customers experience while enhancing the service efficiency and deliverables.

Touch monitors: Touch screen monitors are used in departmental stores or any other retail outlets at the Point of Sale. They are used for billing by touching the item codes fed by the retailers as per the availability of the stock.

Cash Drawers: Generally attached to computer system, these are used to collect cash at the time of transaction. They are programmed to operate in sync with the POS system. These are helpful in segregating notes and coins in different denominations.

Pole Display: Pole displays, known as customer displays, are adjustable digital display boards to show item and price details to customers. They are connected to the POS system to show the real time billing details.

Magnetic Stripe Readers: They help customers to accumulate loyalty points offered by retail outlets for future redemption. Some magnetic stripe readers come integrated with POS terminals. They are useful in general retail, hospitality and food and beverage sectors.

Programmable keyboard: Programmable keyboards are used in general purpose in retail, food and beverage, hospitality, entertainment, tolling, etc.

POS peripherals are commonly used in general retail, food and beverage, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment and tolling with applications ranging from general purpose, item display to loyalty program.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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