POS equipment for hotel/eatery business
21-02-2015 00:00:00
POS equipment for hotel/eatery business

You are opening an eatery or restaurant in your area and you have your business plan and other infrastructure ready. What about the most important thing which can help you to achieve seamless customer management? We are talking about the ‘point of sale (POS)’ where customers pay their bills for the service you have provided.

What are POS terminals?

These are electronic devices, which can operate either through remote or manual operations and are installed at the cash counters. These devices can mainly help generate cash bills, take orders, accept cashless payments through debit/credit cards and then transfer the money from clients’ account to your account directly, keep a tab on stocks in your storeroom, and can track the money lying in cash registers.

More than convenience these devices are user-friendly and can reduce the customer handling time, increase your performance level and service standards for sustainable customer satisfaction.

Why to have POS equipment in your hotel?

Ordering services/menu through conventional means and paying through manually-made cash bill are time consuming, and customers these days prefer fast and efficient services. POS equipment help you to reduce the time of delivery and hence more customers can be handled effectively at a shortest possible time. Since card payments are prevalent even in remote areas, integrated POS terminal at cash counter can be used to pay the food and other service bills through credit or debit cards instantly thus enhancing the payment options and services.

How to choose the right POS equipment for your hotel or eatery?

Every business is unique involving different products and services. Some POS products can be customised by customers themselves involving a few easy-to-follow steps, while others can be programmed by software experts according to vendor requirements. You can select the devices according to your business level and budget. Click here to get estimation of equipment you wish to buy.

You can even compare POS products of different brands and prices before press the buy button.Compare POS products and prices here.

How to install POS terminal and other equipment?

We have our networkspread across India, and equipment ordered by you will be installed at your business place within a stipulated time. We will provide information about software services, if needed, available near your place for effective software installation as per your business model.

What about service warranty?

All the products bought through us are covered under comprehensive warranty. Your POS products will have one to three-year service warranty depending upon the type and manufacturer.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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