POS can Transform your Restaurant Business!
10-01-2017 00:00:00
POS can Transform your Restaurant Business!

As the owner of a quick service restaurant, you have plenty of decisions to make. Right from deciding menu, managing inventory, sales to engaging staff and adjusting their work schedules, you have enough on your platter. Plus you are constantly on the go and any wrong or delayed decision will ultimately affect your bottom line. So, it’s pretty risky business indeed.


But there is a breather. Modern Point of Sale technology with tailor-made restaurant POS software has made it possible that you can take some vital decisions based on concrete data and relax.


Big food-chains have already been using this aggregate data to make crucial business decisions. As a small and independent restaurant owner, you might think automating these talks would be expensive and require specialized training in data analysis. But things are not same anymore.


POS technology can help small and medium food operators gain unmatched information or data which can be used to enhance business growth. Upgraded POS hardware (touch POS terminal, cash drawer, barcode scanner, mobile printer or desk top receipt printer) with suitable restaurant POS software can definitively help some crucial decision making such as, “shop opening time,” “weekend operations and success metrics,” or “decision to consolidate the menu on offer.” Decisions taken based on the data have the capacity to create level playing field for businesses that can compete comfortably against big players in highly competitive markets.


Food service operators who are making data-based decisions in their daily business have seen definite improvement in their business growth. Mukund Dubey, owner of a fast food restaurant in Mumbai’s Dombivli area said that by just adjusting his operating hours of the shop, he was able to tell that what time his restaurant would get maximum business and which item/s would see peak sales at a particular time of a day. He said he had adjusted his resources according to the business thereby improving revenue and resources in terms workforce, other incidental charges, and reduce wastages.


With right POS technology, restaurant owners can fix menus on the basis on its performance, identify trends and spikes in sales, so that they can allocate staff, decide whether or not to operate on holidays or festivals and identify which servers take longer time at tables and train them to be more efficient and productive. 


Closing the gap on operational inefficiencies will give you time to spend on high quality customer service and facilities.


The advancement in POS technology has given the F & B industry the option of using mobile POS or tablet POS which not only gives the convenience of attending consumer needs anytime and anywhere, within or outside the business area, these gadgets are also capable of doing hosts of mundane functions apart from  being the behind-the-scenes proactive data monitor.


Such POS gadgets can transform the restaurant business, and the proactive and smart owners are getting on board now to ensure their businesses reach new peaks tomorrow.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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