Point of sale equipment for Indian hospitality sector
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20-02-2015 00:00:00
Point of sale equipment for Indian hospitality sector

India’s vast hospitality sector, which has restaurants, theme parks, lodging, hotels, amusement parks, resorts, a part of tourism and transportation and other leisure activities in its fold, is one of the key sectors driving growth and also contributing significant foreign exchange to the economy. As per a conservative estimate, the contribution of tourism and hospitality to the GDP stood at $38 billion in 2014 which is poised to reach $70 billion in the next five years.

Though aggressive marketing and consistent quality services form the major growth factors, point of sale (POS) sector plays a crucial role in achieving sustainable growth of the hospitality sector in India. If one wants to open a hotel or restaurant, some of the basic requirements these days are flawless and dependable cash register, card reader and bill generator. The advancement in technology has made it possible to use Hand-held mobile POS devices, which help the waiter take the food or beverage orders instantly and send them to kitchen directly without human involvement. This helps faster order delivery and efficient customer management, and obviously, more customers means more revenue generation.

The start-ups may need basic Point of sale equipment such as Touch or normal terminal, Card reader, Bill & KOT printer. However, the Hand-held mobile POS devices can do multiple functions such as taking orders, engaging instant communication with chefs and other kitchen staff apart from generating bills, payment through card/online, cancellation of orders, etc. These devices help hoteliers to save space and time and use the free space for other revenue generation activities. .

Even in resorts and amusement parks, these hand-held POS devices are helpful in faster billing, account settlement, check-in and check-out monitoringand card processing. POS devices are also useful to regulate and clear vehicles at parking lots at large restaurants and hotels. .

Point of Sale systems have revolutionized the Food & beveragesector in India. Though Mobile POS system are in use in major eatery joints, hotels and leisureplaces, fixed POS systems are still largely in use which have Touchscreen displays, card readers and POS Printers. The accuracy of POS systems have helped decrease the time taken to serve and increase the efficiency of the order process in the hospitality sector. .

Some of the brands which offer POS equipment to hospitality sector include: Posiflex, NEC, HP EPSON to name a few. .

For all your POS requirements log on to www.justransact.com and get the professional guidance to set up the best equipment at best price at your business place. .

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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