mPOS for Efficient Table Turnover and Best Customer Satisfaction
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09-05-2017 00:00:00
mPOS for Efficient Table Turnover and Best Customer Satisfaction

Value Added Resellers (VARs) in the Food and Beverage (F & B) industry has always one thing in mind – how to keep customers engaged and satisfied.


While eateries may vary drastically in their ambience and menu, the goal is to attain total efficiency as for as serving consumers is concerned. 


However, that aim must to be managed carefully.  Even overt focus on efficiency can affect the leisurely experience foodies frequently expect in their restaurants.


Technology has come to the aid of restaurants in managing the business efficiently and offering best dining experience to customers. These days, most of the restaurant owners take the help of Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) solutions which allow them to integrate several key applications for better customer satisfaction. The end result is an attractive Return on Investment (RoI) for restaurateurs.


Table Turnover Process


There are many aspects which would decide the success of a restaurant. One of them, however, is how to treat customers at their table, also known as Table Turnover process. VARs always find a balanced method to keep customers happy and satisfied while dining. If they accelerate the speed of turn a table process, then customers may feel unwanted and disinterested. As dining is a relaxation for many, customers don’t want to be disturbed with waiters standing ready to bill them the moment they finish their food and allot the table to next waiting customer. On the other hand, if VARs slow down the table service process, the profit may weather away.


One of the best customer-friendly practices of speeding up table turnover is through taking orders and swiping credit/debit cards at the table itself using a mobile POS device.  


The server carrying a mobile POS device has to go from one table to another to take orders. The order taken will be directly transmitted to kitchen indicating table number and menu details. MPOS enables servers to visit from one table to another and not from table to kitchen and then back to table carrying the food. 


Better time management


MPOS has another advantage – it streamlines order changes. That is, if someone orders a masala dosa and in few minutes changes mind and orders cheeseburger instead, with mPOS in hand, the server can update the order instantly and the kitchen staff will get to see the change at once.


On the other hand, without mPOS, about 15-20 minutes would have been lost between the time the server gives the bill, picks up the card/cash and then hands over the receipt. The same holds true for the process of ordering food and getting them served in restaurant where traditional method of order taking and execution is followed.


mPOS for Excellent Customer Experience


mPOS improves time management. At the end of the meal, receipts can be sent via email and tip amounts can be mentioned. The process is very fast that customers will be on their way happier and faster, with new ones being seated at that table, looking at the menu card. mPOS helps restaurants to handle more customers in less time thereby upping the revenue.


Whether it is a casual or upscale restaurant, customers always admire an ambience that provides not just excellent food but also best service supported by modern technology and sleek. 


mPOS creates customer satisfaction and increased efficiency in many ways: 


1.    Staff reports can indicate exactly how many servers are attending customers at a particular time. 
2.    Efficiency of individual server can be gauged and rewards can be decided for best services. 
3.    Loyalty and gift programs can encourage repeat and new customers.
4.    With mPOS, restaurant owners can decide the number of staff required during the lean period and peak hours of the day. 
5.    For better inventory management and cut cost due to low pilferage and wastage.


In a competitive and challenging restaurant landscape, a highly efficient POS solutions can make restaurants operate profitably while improving customer experience. And, mPOS is the right POS solution for efficient restaurant management.

-K Ramanathan

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