MPOS can enhance your bakery business
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11-10-2016 00:00:00
MPOS can enhance your bakery business

If you are an experienced baker and running a single or chain of stores in a locality, you need to understand that just offering tasty, hand-made and fresh-baked items alone will not suffice to hold on to or improve the business, but should give immense importance to customer experience at your outlet for sustainability.


Modern customers generally go by the appearance and ease at which they could transact at Point Of Sale even during peak hours. So, it is essential that you take care of your shop’s inner and outer appearances besides improving the quality of the stuff you sell.


Technology has changed the bakery business for good. Therefore it is necessary that you adopt the right technology for your store which can automate many of your sundry/routine daily works which otherwise consume considerable man-hours and lead to errors, if performed manually. 


How can you improve sales and increase your customer base so that you can stand out from the crowd? If you understand the relationship between the technology and customer experience, it is pretty simple to go with the wind.


Mobile Point of sale (mPOS) gadgets can help you bring-in data intelligence to your bakery business, whether you sell cupcakes or doughnuts. With mPOS or a hand held POS device in hand, you can build a customer-oriented menu that can meet the market needs. In other words, mPOS can allow you to get closer your customers by responding to their needs in real time. 


mPOS systems are helpful and can boost your bakery business as it helps to  – understand customer needs, reward them when they are at your store and bring them back with personalized approach.  


Give them what they want


To make your bakery business flourish, you need to understand what is working in your area and keep the items that are in demand. Besides, you should have an understanding of what is working and what is not.  Having an mPOS system can help you get a bird’s eye view into data analytics, which can tell you about repeat visitors and which items are bringing more customers to your store. You can also get the data that can tell you that which items are selling more on certain times of the day or certain days of the week, which can help you to plan your promotional activities.


Reward loyal customers


Once you have new customers, after their subsequent visits, your mPOS can tell you their favorite items apart from providing their names, contact numbers and addresses. This will help you to kick-start a customer loyalty program and reap benefits. With mPOS at your disposal, you can set up deals for repeat customers or first-time customers by offering them special discount or a free gift.


You can even go personalize with your customers. Get their birthday or wedding day and let them know a week before that a birthday cupcake or a wedding gift awaits them. This special gesture may inspire them to go for big order. Once you decide to start a customer oriented program, give it an attractive name and promote via banners at your shop, word of mouth through your staff, on neighbourhood social platforms or through emails to your customer base. Every time your customers visit the store, you are adding their preferences, thereby you are building a relationship.


Catch them online


These days e-business has made a big stride thanks to the explosive growth in mobile and internet technology. So, it is essential that you should reach your customers on the Internet. Online ordering has become a big success across the food industry, and if you have online approach for your customers supported by local logistics support, you can capture the market easily. These days, most of them search birthday cakes on their smartphones. By having an e-commerce platform, you can keep your store’s door open virtually at all t he times to welcome their orders. A free app can be a additional help to boost your business.


Bakery business is one of the oldest forms of trade in the food domain which has evolved over the time. This ancient art has been given a boost with the help of modern technology. MPOS-enabled technology can help you understand your business clearly and streamline operations for sustainability. MPOS is user friendly, pretty much handy, make complex data analysis simple, reduce work-hour loss and improve productivity. So, change to mobile POS and enhance your bakery business.

-K Ramanathan

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