Modernizing Traditional Retail Experience with Digital POS Solutions
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16-10-2017 00:00:00
Modernizing Traditional Retail Experience with Digital POS Solutions

As improving customer experience, process efficiency and inventory management high on agenda, more than 30 per cent of retailers globally have switched over from traditional retailing to omni-channel business model, says a research report. 


According to IDC Retail Insights, though the current retail experience exists largely in disconnected and separate domains, with e-commerce attracting large customer base by offering unlimited shopping experiences, brick and mortar retail businesses are now considering analytical data to know customer buying behaviours and preferences to provide the best in-store buying experience.


Increasing Customer Touch-points


The Retail report suggested that of the people interviewed, 69 per cent of them are more likely to go back to in-store model if retailers offer them best shopping experience involving latest POS devices, self-help tools like kiosks, interactive displays, etc, and automatic and quick checkout system. It is vital in today’s changed retail environment to find the right balance with technology, to increase sales while streamlining business processes.


As retailers across the globe, in an effort to match with the dominating e-commerce marketing strategy, are trying out new ways to improve customer touch-points and in-store experiences, technology comes in handy for them to achieve their goal.


There are various leading POS brands like HP, Epson, Honeywell, Opticon or GoDex which are making innovative POS products for mom & Pop stores to compete with on-line or e-commerce aggression in providing best customer experience. HP’s ElitePOS is one of the many outstanding mobile POS solutions available in the market which are capable of transforming the retail sector.


According to a senior HP official, the ElitePOS solution, conceived for better adaptability, is made with stunning and sleek design that can be used efficiently for multiple hospitality and retail environments, while ensuring total security of customer data, high performance and ruggedness.


Advanced POS Technology


Advanced POS technology devices such as MPOS, hand-held POS devices, POS tablets, or POS data readers, are very useful for retailers to perform myriad of customer-centric operations that include, effective customer support, inventory management, automatic or self checkout, queue buster, interactive signage, staff management, multiple store management, workers attendance, access control and getting analytical business reports such as customer buying pattern, high demand products, peak business season or period of the day, week or month etc.


“As the hospitality and retail businesses undergo a revolutionary change, the point of sale and services have made crucial inroads into providing unmatched in-store customer experience,” says Leslie Hand, vice president of Retail Insights, IDC.


Data Security


As point-of-sale devices are increasingly becoming soft target for hackers, malware or data stealers, POS manufacturers and POS software service providers are making all efforts to make the POS system hack-proof and fully secured for crucial customer and sales data.


New advanced retail POS systems such as HP’s ElitePOS are capable of balancing the growing needs of shoppers and brands while preventing the sensitive information falling into the wrong hands during the processing of customer data, sales or any other customer relation activities at Point of Sale counters.

-K Ramanathan

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