Manage your spas and salons with advanced POS system
24-12-2016 00:00:00
Manage your spas and salons with advanced POS system

The health and beauty industry in India is booming, thanks to the growing desire among both men and women to look stylish, young and healthy. The dotting of beauty spas/parlors, skin care clinics, healthcare hubs and salons in every corner and popularity of various healthcare and cosmetic brands are testimony to this effervescent trend.


Growing disposable income among young people and multiple income among families and increase in awareness on  cosmetic and  wellness products have triggered the growth of health and beauty industry India, which is  expected to cross INR 80,000 crore in 2017/18 from INR  41,000 crore in 2012/13.


The successful usage of Point of Sale (POS) products in retail business environments has encouraged businesses associated with health and beauty care sector overwhelmingly adopting various POS hardware products with appropriate software support. 


Some of the hardware products widely used in health and beauty sector in India include touch POS, thermal printer, cash drawer, label printer, barcode printer and mobile printer which can be integrated with customized POS software. 


These POS peripherals are useful to reduce the workload and give customers best experience in terms of billing and payment. Apart from using card swiping machine, which is on great demand post government’s demonetization move, one should also integrate Magnetic Swipe card Reader (MSR) with the existing POS terminal for better sale management. 


With tablet POS and mobile POS becoming fad among urbanites, big brands are sending the bills straight into customers’ mobile or mail boxes thus saving the conventional usage of paper receipts. Apart from giving customer satisfaction, these POS systems do a lot of in-store management functions which otherwise will be time consuming if adopted through manual means.

For example, POS software used in a spa will help to manage billing, appointments, rooms, customer session tracking, loyalty program, gift card, promotions, marketing, petty cash, payroll management, membership, inventory tracking, expenses and many more backend operations. 


Some Spa and Beauty Management Software System allows customers to book space online via social media apps or through online web stores. So, welcome the advanced POS system to wow your customers at spa or salon.

-K Ramanathan

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