Make your Store Mobile-Friendly to Attract More Business
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01-02-2017 00:00:00
Make your Store Mobile-Friendly to Attract More Business

As smart phones making a huge impact on millions of Indians with host of life-easing features, businesses take a leap to promote their interest using the advanced features offered by mobile technology.


When we look at the customers at retail stores in major cities, they are increasingly using smart phones to make their shopping experience at Point of sale counters hassle-free, unique and fast. Be it scanning the QR codes/barcodes printed on eatables, comparing price list of various items from nearby stores or paying bills through mobile wallets, shoppers enjoy every bit of their shopping, and so the retailers.


A recent survey by SessionM has pointed out that globally 90 per cent of retail customers use smart phones while shopping in-store. So, if you have a retail store and want to attract more customers, you must make your store a mobile-friendly at par with your contemporaries in the area. There are few tips which will help you improve your brick-and-mortar retail shop on the basis of m-commerce and e-commerce insights.


Equip with Knowledge


To offer a successful omnichannel shopping experience to your customers, you should have essential knowledge about the basic concept. Whether it’s in-store, online or from smart phone, you should have your data properly integrated which will enable you to monitor customer interactions across multiple channels in real time. To make it easy for in-store customers to access the information they need, you should have the facility to track and drive activity across all channels.


Research findings show that more than half of the customers visiting neighborhood stores use their smart phones to compare prices while same percentage of customers prefer to scan barcodes or QR codes to read product information. QR codes or Short links on merchandise along with dependable apps can help shoppers access product information instantly.


Use Social Media to Communicate


Personalized email offers can bring in more shoppers as they feel overwhelmed with such gestures. When such promotions and discounts are made popular through e-commerce channels, they need not be confined to offline channels such as newspaper ads and promotional handouts. Social media is an excellent medium to reach your offer and promotional materials to potential customers. You can also send text messages or emails that feature scanable discount coupons/barcodes which can bring back customers to your store.


Multi-channel payment modes


A recent survey has found that three out of four shoppers want retailers equipped to accept different types of payments so that customers need not have to be at checkouts to pay the bills all the time. Though online businesses offer more payment options than brick and mortar retailers, they should also offer different payment options to customers to get more business.


Offering a substitute to credit cards is a way you can bring improvement in in-store payment experience. The usage of chip cards has left many buyers upset as it takes more time to complete a transaction. Equipping each staff of your store with a Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) device will allow customers to make payments from anywhere in the store, thus eliminating long checkout lines and agonizing wait. These hand held POS terminals are very useful when you handle customers at peack hours.


From looking for product information and reviews to comparing prices, customers more often than not look towards their smart phones to balance their trip to a physical store. By providing instant product information, more payments options and personalized offers, you can provide a unique shopping experience to customers that can work seamlessly with online channel.

-K Ramanathan

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