Leveraging Omnichannel to Enhance Retail Business
19-09-2017 00:00:00
Leveraging Omnichannel to Enhance Retail Business

If retail businesses want to surpass their competitors, it is important that they should leverage the benefits offered by three business probabilities - Mobile Commerce, E-Commerce and Cloud Commerce. 


With shopping activities increasingly happening across multiple channels simultaneously – and buyers expecting their shopping to be convenient and seamless – integrating and aligning your digital business strategies will be a step forward. These three shopping modes will enhance not only the growth of your shop’s physical and digital footprints, but also the customer base and their shopping baskets.




Offering more than one platform to shop means that in-store retail businesses can utilize e-commerce effectively to satisfy customers ordering items via online mode. 


Business through e-commerce can be successful with the help of a visually appealing portal that not only enhances the brand values, but also creates memorable user experiences by offering easy and quick services while integrating other value-added services such as personal recommendations and discount coupons. Point of Sale (POS) technology has made it possible that owners get minute details such as customer needs, shopping patterns and preferences quickly so that they could offer them the right products to further enhance their shopping experience. 


E-commerce can be particularly effective when it integrates other store systems, and projects the brand clearly and effectively.


Mobile Commerce


For in-store, owners should leverage digital technology to enhance the shopping experience. Brick-and-Mortar shops should take the help of click-and-collect options, mobile store technology and customers’ shopping history data to make the shopping experience memorable. 


Using the latest POS technology in offline shopping environment, businesses should deliver world-class service which will reinforce the benefits of omni-channel buying for customers. Stores should take the help of mobile technology to satisfy customers. With all-in-one POS tablets and Mobile POS devices, customers can be attended, goods can be scanned and billed spontaneously anywhere in the shop thereby avoiding checkout lines. 


With many e-commerce websites and off-line stores offering mobile commerce facility, customers can use their smart devices to shop any time they want and take the delivery either themselves at physical store or opt for door delivery. 


All In The Cloud


Cloud commerce is the present fad which is catching up fast among retailers in big cities and towns in India. With internet connectivity getting improved day-by-day, retailers in remote areas too are now connected by the World Wide Web. Cloud Commerce is revolutionizing the retail industry in India. Leading retail chains are already using the cloud POS technology to manage their back-office operations, inventory management, real-time store sales, multiple store management, staff management and so on.


Cloud model can empower retail business owners to oversee store operations in real time and take effective business decisions. Cloud POS allows store owners access to multiple store customer data, inventory position, staff performance, customer footfalls, etc and helps them to take crucial business decision from miles away. Cloud model is the next big thing in retail environment in India as it will allow retailers expand geographies.


Collaboration and scalability are essential parts of retail environment, especially when stores look for expansion. For such cases, cloud commerce is the best way to manage growth effectively. Cloud commerce also helps to keep vital customer data safe and secure from pilferage and other threat perceptions and can be retrieved in case of data loss due to natural or accidental cases.


Welcome to Omnichannel business strategy. Stores should gear up to serve customers through multiple channels to enhance their business.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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