Keep Your Money Safe In POS Cash Drawers!
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05-06-2017 00:00:00
Keep Your Money Safe In POS Cash Drawers!

Indian retailers are fast deserting the traditional and age-old habit of business transactions and are into modernizing their stores with latest technology to be at par with their neighbourhood supermarkets and hypermarkets which are posing serious threat to the small and medium retail businesses.


Check the checkouts!


First to see the sea change in the nearby kirana store or departmental stores is the customer-checkouts. Though retail shops are upgrading their business places with merchandises sitting comfortably on the neatly arranged racks, air-conditioning the entire store to provide maximum comforts to customers and enabling them to pick their own items instead of asking the store representatives to fetch the items for them, the most important thing which is getting the face-lift is the cash counters also known as POINT OF SALE (POS).


The traditional cash counters have given way to modern Point of Sale technology which has made retail transactions easy, convenient and fast much to the benefits of traders and enjoyment of customers who always long for the highest level of comfort while shopping.


Cash Drawers – Keep your Cash Safe!


Another thing which has outclassed the traditional system in retail business environment is keeping the cash secured.

Earlier retailers used to have wooden or steel drawers to keep cash received from the customers. Most of the time, the owners of the shop have to keep a watch on the cash box as there is always a chance of embezzlement by cash counter operators and also theft by unscrupulous people who look for opportunities to lay their hands on the money.


Modern day automatic cash drawers can plug these loop holes and give owners a sense of security.


Advantages of Cash Drawers!


Cash drawers are the electronic cash handling box which are connected to computers or POS systems and are programmed in such a way that it can only be opened or closed by designated people authorized by the shop owners.


Electronic POS cash drawers are made of steel body with electronic locking system which can be operated with a unique identification code. Each cash drawer has a series of compartments inside to keep various denominations of cash, coins, cheques and coupons.


These drawers are programmed to be opened at the end of each billing ie., when the operator presses the button on the keyboard to print the transaction or merchandise receipt. Once closed, it can’t be reopened in-between the billing process, thus giving the store managers the maximum security of cash handling.


Also, there is less possibility of cash being taken away by people and mismanagement by cashiers as each penny is accountable and registered in the system supported by appropriate POS software tool.


Not just for security purpose, store owners also choose cash drawers to impress customers as they give checkout a stylish and grand look.


POS automatic cash drawers are less costly and affordable to even small grocery shops.


Cash drawers can be integrated with suitable POS system which should have a thermal receipt printer, a barcode scanner, card reader and POS software to make all these hardware terminals work in a synchronized way.

-K Ramanathan

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