Keep your Businesses Moving with Posiflex's Tablet POS MT-4008W
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13-01-2017 00:00:00
Keep your Businesses Moving with Posiflex's Tablet POS MT-4008W

Managing a retail store or a restaurant is not an easy job particularly when you are constrained to keep limited hands. Several things need to be managed simultaneously. From manning point of sale counters where customers are handled and sales are registered to managing staff, inventory, CRM, finances and business plans, everything needs to be given equal attendance for smooth functioning of the business.


At times, it becomes too much for a person to handle and hence more people are given various tasks thereby incurring revenue loss by the store owner.


But modern Point of Sale gadgets are intelligent to handle these said works single handedly (faster and more efficient way) thereby improving operational efficiency and profits. To reduce the difficulties in handling mundane operational needs in a departmental store or a restaurant, Posiflex, a leading Point of Sale technology provider for retail businesses, has designed an all-in-one POS device MT-400W, an award-winning tablet which incorporates a touch screen, barcode scanner and receipt printer to mange any retail business seamlessly.


A rush at the coffee shop, restaurant or grocery store can be easily managed with MT-4008W which can be used efficiently to bust queues with its 8-inch rugged Windows tablet.


MT-4008W is ideally designed for both hospitality and retail industries. Designed to support Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) attachment, MT-4008W can be seamlessly integrated with a detachable pistol grip to use it as a stand to hold the tablet or to scan barcodes.


Moreover, a dock station (optional) with the printer support allows the device to have the functionality and features as an all in one POS.


MT-4008W/R Retail Package: MT-4008W Tablet comes with PG-200 Pistol Grip, 1 RB-3000 Removable Battery + and 1 Touch Pen (MSR, Scanner, RFID and DS-210/200 dock station optional).


MT-4008W/H Hospitality Package: MT-4008W Tablet comes with Hand Strap, 1 Touch Pen (RFID, MSR & DS-310/300 dock station optional).


MT-4008W offers following features to keep lines moving fast and make customers satisfied. The tablets can be used anywhere in the store or inside the hotel to serve customers and do spot billing during the peak hours.


MT-4008W Features


- 8-Inch rugged Tablet Touch POS ideal for retail business operations with PCAP Gorilla Glass Screen

- One device offers Multiple Tasks and & Faster ROI. Also useful for Q Busting, Customer Feedback, Stock Take, GRN Preparation, Estimate preparation and Personalized Service. 

- Powered by Intel Atom Processor

- Full Windows 8.1 Industrial Pro OS which can be used for any Desktop POS application

- Continuous 24/7 operation due to long battery life with optional swappable battery provided in the Pistol

- Optional Aadhar and MSR compliance Finger Print Scanner

- Optional built-in handheld 1D/2D barcode scanner shaped in pistol grip

- Charging dock station (optional) with built-in wireless 3-inch Bluetooth printer or Thermal printer.

-K Ramanathan

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