In-Store Efficiency Key to Better Customer Experience
14-09-2016 00:00:00
In-Store Efficiency Key to Better Customer Experience

Despite the strong belief that the days of brick-and-mortar retailing are numbered, several studies show that people will continue to shop in physical outlets in the years to come though e-tailing has become the most favourable mode of shopping among young shoppers these days.


Fearing losing business, the real-world retailers are now forced to provide shoppers with optimized in-store facilities to match with online shopping sites. Fortunately, retailers who run physical stores have innovative technologies available at their disposal to modernize their retail operations so that they can provide the best customer experience to outwit even the well known brands in their locality.


Retailers can utilize the following means to give unforgettable shopping experience to their customers.


In-store Beacons


Beacons are the best way for customer engagement. They are small wireless devices which can be mounted on ceilings or walls. They are helpful to send relevant shot messages to customers’ smart phones when they are inside the store. Retailers can utilize beacons to reach out to shoppers by pushing welcome messages, recommendations and exclusive offers. These electronic gadgets can also guide shoppers to find relevant items by giving complete store details.


Technologies like wearables, RFID tagging, interactive digital displays, and facial recognition (to name just a few) are reshaping the way retailers craft in-store experiences for their customers. 


M-POS for Better Customer Engagement


Long and slow checkouts often upset customers and force them to abandon shopping karts. By introducing a Mobile Point-Of-Sale (POS) system, where store associates are given tablet POS updated with suitable billing software, is one of the best ways to bust the queues and ease checkout process. MPOS can be used beyond queue busting.  Store executives armed with mobile POS devices can check the pricing of items and inventory position for shoppers wherever they are in the store. These gadgets can also help staffers to recommend products and adopt up-sell strategies thereby providing more personalized service to customers.


Streamline staff scheduling


Improper shift-scheduling can destabilize customer service strategy. There are several staff management tools available in the market. Store managers should choose the most appropriate scheduling POS software to suit their business size and operations. Depending upon the need and quantum of work, store staff can be informed with scheduling notifications via text, email or in-app messages.


Analytics software


Retailers should load the best POS software which can get them minute details of customer behavior such as basic information about them, frequency of their visit, products they are interested in, etc. Retail analytics solution can also store relevant data which can help store managers to plan their day better.


Data can be collected from in-store CCTV cameras, beacons and POS systems which can be presented in easily readable reports and info-graphics. With the insights you have, you can improvise your store operations - from marketing to staffing strategies -  to offer a more rewarding customer experience.


Today, it is all about having right kind of innovative retail solutions, whether a retailer chooses a new technology to improve sales, adopts a new strategy to support business trends, or buys new equipment to streamline business operations.


In-store efficiency can be rewarding for retailers for longer period provided they remain in-tune with advancement in retail technology solutions. Happy retailing! 

-K Ramanathan

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