Improved Barcode Printers to Dominate Retail Business
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05-12-2017 00:00:00
Improved Barcode Printers to Dominate Retail Business

The automatic identification technology has become an inseparable part of retail industry making barcodes an absolute necessity with wide applications. 


Apart from barcode labeling, barcode printing technology has found new frontiers in terms of applicability and hence found wide acceptance across industrial verticals to solve their inventory and logistic woes. Hence, to meet the growing demand, barcode printers manufacturers are extending product line and increasing capacities to unprecedented levels.


A new study by Global Market Insights has predicted that the barcode printer market size will exceed USD 3 billion by 2024 with industrial barcode printers taking the major share which will account for nearly half of the total revenue.


As there is no substitute for barcode technology, which has found its usage in almost every retail and non-retail business environment, barcode printers in the coming years will be an unchallengeable industrial automation commodity. 


Since the demand is going to be phenomenal, barcode printer manufacturers are going to focus more on developing new data collection technologies to bring out upgraded variants to existing product lines, the report says. 


High-Speed Thermal Barcode Printers


To tackle demand, several manufacturers are scaling up their output of barcode printers with loads of new features. For example, Toshiba, the leading maker of industrial barcode printers, has recently entered the market with thermal barcode printers with new set of features at reasonable price.


Toshiba’s new thermal barcode printer can do high-speed printing and facilitate label printing for retail, logistics and manufacturing applications. With no compromise on quality, theses thermal barcode printers come with low price tag and optimal ribbon usage which reduces the cost of POS consumables for users.


In the coming days, manufacturers of barcode printers will aim to produce printers that can address the perennial issue - frequent media change. According to the Global Market Insights’ survey, looking at the growing demand for more sophisticated and low cost barcode printers, manufacturers will be focusing more on dynamic issues such as improving print capability, reducing the duration of print cycles, and better media handling ability.


For end-users, barcode is made of encrypted codes which can’t be read directly by human eye. For example, barcodes contain invaluable details for drug manufacturers in coded form. A slight misinterpretation of data can cause huge problem to pharmaceutical supply chains. Though the chance of error is very low, barcode printer makers are working on to increase the readability of barcodes to avoid such problems, which can arise due to human intervention.


With the invention of mobile phones, barcode reading has become even more simplified and sophisticated with customers getting enlightened by decoding the barcode details to know about the merchandise they buy.

-K Ramanathan

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