How to Make Customers Coming Back for More
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26-09-2017 00:00:00
How to Make Customers Coming Back for More

Retail business environments prefer flow of repeat customers into their enterprises so that they could achieve a steady growth. There are various factors which effect Customers’ Loyalty and every enterprise, irrespective of its size and nature, wants shoppers coming back for more.


With shoppers wanting to be engaged more with brands, retailers have more opportunities as well to stay connected with target customers after their in-store or online visit.  It is always important to leave a lasting impression on customers after they visit your store, as in general it is believed that a first impressive impression for a customer will only last until they visit a better store next time.


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Creating a lasting relationship with customers is a challenging task for store owners who need to use proven methodologies to create everlasting relationship with customers to bring them back to their stores time and again. Since customer preferences and expectations are changing, stores should keep their fingers on the changing scenarios and latest technologies to bring changes in customer-handling process to keep the flock of regular customers and also create more new customers.


Consumer needs


Point of sale technology has provided retail businesses new tools to get the insights on customer patterns, preferences, spending limits, habits and the way they shop. These POS data can help to plan a suitable loyalty program for every customer which can improve personal relationship with customers.


According to researchers, over 60 per cent of shoppers drop off after first purchase. So, it is important to make them buy for the second time and then subsequently. Online shopping websites do engage customers to further purchases using features which regularly inform customers about the suggested products, offers, new arrivals and wish lists. 


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Features such as “Customers who bought this item also bought…” not only bring people’s attention to new, related and compatible products, they also save their search time for similar products.




This is the most crucial part of retail marketing. After the customers are informed about the new product arrivals or offers, brands should engage with them constantly to convert these communications into sales. Time bound offers always work in favour of store owners as customers rush to avail those offers instead of postponing the purchase activity. 


Discount coupons and vouchers are the proven methods to engage consumers, provided the incentives are developed for the right customers and at right time. According to a research, about 19 per cent of shoppers are likely to shop more frequently or spend more if a brand provides discounts on future purchases.


Effective Communication


Developing customer relationship is a time taking process. Correct communication by way of short messages, notifications and emails not only improves store’s perception but also helps to reach the offers and loyalty benefits to the target customers.


With the available customer data, store owners can connect with customers to communicate effectively about the new brand, offers, loyalty benefits, limited period offers, best deals, etc which are absolutely relevant for them.


Customer Value


It has been proved that data mining at POS is the best way to understand customers and deliver their shopping needs. Data can provide different kinds of information about the customers, and store owners should be intelligent enough to understand the various aspects of the data and use them to their fullest advantage.


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Data can also divulge the value of customers and their spending ability. Hence specific offers and incentives can be formulated based on customers’ spending habits which are deduced from their previous purchasing pattern.


Internal Education


Customer experience should be seamless whether they are engaged through online or offline shopping modes. Every channel of customer touch points should be active and ready for smooth transactions. To ensure complete customer experience, stores need to educate their staff so that they interact with customers nicely, communicate effectively about offers and services and provide complete support to choose the right products and close the sales.


With mobile technology creating waves in retail business environment, shoppers can identify customers the moment they enter into their showroom or store. They can even greet customers by their names and shower them with personal deals and offers. Customers do prefer such royal treatment and become loyal to those places where they are treated nicely.


By utilizing customer data and making small changes, stores can produce best marketing elements suitable for customers, ensure personalized customer experience and improve brand loyalty. Over a period of time, such changes will create a 360-degree loyalty program which can be amended depending on the changing customer and retail landscape.

-K Ramanathan

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