How to enhance customer experience at POS?
05-04-2016 00:00:00
How to enhance customer experience at POS?

Customer is always the King. They only decide what they want, where and how the products should be displayed, how it should be shopped and, finally, the best suitable mode of delivery. The market, no doubt, revolves around customers’ needs and their expectations. Today’s customer expects great shopping experience with utmost convenience.


They want the shop to be accessible round-the-clock, if not physically all the time, but through smart phones even in odd hours. The competition is rife among the trading community to outwit each other to win more customers. Today, if a trader isn’t aware or tuned to an integrated point of sale (POS) solutions that offer seamless sales across all counters (omni channel) and all modes of payment, then he is surely running an outdated business module.


If you are adopting the sales solution focused on cash or card payment, then it’s time for you to integrate payment solutions at your store which will help you to connect with consumers whenever they want to do business with you.


Agreeing this, Mr Bhaskar Venkatraman, a pioneer in POS technology who launched a leading e-commerce marketplace for Point Of Sale products and solutions in India, says, “Today, if a trader is not a tech-savvy and not equipped well to give customers an enhanced shopping experience at his store, then he is bound to lose customers and business. At least, he should integrate payment solutions at his POS counters to facilitate cash-less transactions.”


If you have only one channel to connect with your customers that is through brick-and-mortar model with age-old payment systems, you need to think in terms of having multiple processing methods, the EMV facility, and enable different tender types (such as rewards) and payments modes (mobile wallets) to do better business with ever-demanding customers.


While incorporating things like QR codes, gift cards, rewards points and loyalty services into online payment modes, all these services should be relatively seamless. Many traders find it difficult to integrate these elements correctly for the in-store shopping experience. The lack of link between standard payments and broader solutions will reduce customer experience significantly, and many pos software service providers are making efforts to join these puzzle pieces together.


The real challenge isn’t online, says, S Ravikumar, an independent POS solution provider from Chennai, who further adds: “Anyone can make the system work online or on app. But the challenge is to make it happen in-store seamlessly. When a customer actually walks into a store to redeem an offer, he may face two types of situations. One, the merchant’s tablet POS or mobile POS system is fully-loaded with the latest features, and the customer walks back with full satisfaction.”


On the contrary, if the merchant’s POS doesn’t connect well with wallets or mobile payment apps for example, then the customer can’t redeem an offer. It will be a negative shopping experience for him due to system shortcoming that should be resolved. The integration of rewards, loyalty offers and discounts are the secret sauce to drive consumer behavior.”


Technology has given the options to customers to do shopping anywhere they are, and a successful trader is the one who connects all dots and allows customers to communicate with him through every possible channel.


-K Ramanathan

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