How to Choose the Best Retail POS Software
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24-03-2015 00:00:00
How to Choose the Best Retail POS Software

Indian retail segment is growing at a rapid pace and so the technology needs for retailers who want to keep pace with changing trends and customers’ desires. Software requirements for retail applications in India has seen paradigm shift in the recent years. With technology advancements helping retailers to reach new high in business and customers’ satisfaction, changes in software and hardware become inevitable in any retail business growth.

Whether it is supermarket, hypermarket or retail showrooms selling daily essentials, textile or eatables, Point of Sale equipment such as printer, scanner, cash drawer incorporated with a computer system run by a software become the basic need for any retail business. Though one can buy hardware to match one’s business needs, care should be exercised while selecting the sustainable software to suit the current and future business requirements.

With more and more start-up companies having different business formulas dotting the sector, software needs too are witnessing changes. So, selecting correct retail software becomes important part of the successful business.

Since there are quite a few software packages available in the market, retailers must be sure of the software they opt for their business. Here are some of the useful tips to consider before you buy a software for your retail store.

For Inventory Management
These days, several retail point of sale systems are available with inbuilt inventory management system. The system will monitor and take a note of stock movement - inside and outside. Every time someone purchases a product, the system automatically reduces the item from the overall count available in the store. Inventory management helps businesses to avoid manual stock checking as it saves a lot of man-hours and efforts. If you find frequently that your staff members do not have time for stock checks, you should have a retail software that should offer you inventory management system well-suited to your business.

To get Daily Sales Reports

Any business, irrespective of its nature and size, finds this feature very useful. Retail software should be capable of producing every day sales reports for you. Your system should perform this task for two purposes – One, as the business owner/manager, the detailed report gives you data to analyse which of the items sell well and which don’t. Secondly, you will have data such as among your staff who did the maximum or minimum sales. This will help to decide commission accordingly or fixing rewards.

Should be Friendly

This is another extremely important one to consider when you decide to go for retail software for your business. The software you want to have should be easy to use and quick to master. There shouldn’t be complexities involved in calculating data which your staff may take a long time to learn. You should know what you are buying. Take enough time to understand the point of sale packages that are extremely user friendly. This will help you take right decision and it will pay off in the long run.

Linking Multiple Stores

If you have more than one store, you should prefer a retail software that also links all your stores together. Some point of sale software systems can monitor stock/sales across all your stores. This feature has several advantages. For example, if you exhaust a particular item at a store, you can find its availability in your other branches and send your employees to fetch them or you can direct your customer to your nearby store that has the particular item in stock. Even if you have one store now, you can opt for this feature for future use.

If you keep all these points in mind before you buy a software package for point of sale equipment, chances are less that you would falter in choosing inappropriate system for your business needs.

Choose a system that is user friendly, can help your inventory management, give you periodic sales reports and can connect multiple store locations. Such system will increase productivity of your staff by enhancing their performance.

-K Ramanathan

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