How to Choose Best Barcode Printer for your Business!
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29-03-2017 00:00:00
How to Choose Best Barcode Printer for your Business!

Barcode printers are used in both retail and non-retail business environments. These printers produce barcodes on labels of different width that are used on merchandises in retail stores and . Barcodes are used with varied applications in retail, hospitality, automobile, transportation, education, and entertainment industries. Barcode printers are machines that can be programmed to print 2D, 3D or QR barcodes. 


As barcodes contain vital information about a particular product such as name, code, name of the manufacturer, ingredients, date of manufacturing, expiry date (in case of food or medicines), certifications, etc,  hence barcode printers should be fed with data by the user so that barcodes can be made with relevant product information. The product details are embedded in horizontal black and white stripes. 


These barcodes are scanned or read using laser devices (also known as barcode scanners) that scan along the length of the sequence of black and white lines, by reflecting more light on white spaces and less on black lines. These details in digital form are fed to a computer which is programmed to understand the digital data and convert them into analog data.


Barcode printer market is one of the fastest growing ones among all other POS Products such as thermal printers, mobile POS, hand held terminals, POS terminals, touch cash registers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, etc. 


Barcode printers are classified into Desktop Barcode Printers and Industrial Barcode Printers. While the former is used for various retail businesses like kirana store, super markets, grocery retail stores, textile business, healthcare centres, stationery stores, etc, Industrial barcode printers are predominantly used in general retail, warehousing, transportation, logistics and other non-retail businesses. 


2D barcode labels are used for price marking as retail tags, coupons and shelf labeling in various retail stores. These labels are used for inventory labeling, pallet labeling and package labeling in warehouses. Barcode printers are also used in entertainment industry for ticketing and printing coupons. These machines are in great demand in healthcare, logistics and manufacturing industries offering various important applications.


However, 2D barcode has certain disadvantages. But thanks to technology, retail businesses are now predominantly using more accurate and error-free 3D barcodes, which can be scanned through smart phones and other advanced scanners.


3D barcodes offer solution for rectifying problems such as inaccurate pricing, overstocking and inventory errors, often occurred while scanning 2D barcodes. 3D barcode scanners are available as hand-held terminals and devices connected to computer system.


Some of the most prominent barcode printer brands in India are Zebra, Toshiba, TVSE, Sato, Argox, Citizen, Printronix, TSC, Datamax, Godex and Intermec. So, next time when you plan to buy a barcode printer, do a thorough market survey and select the best printer for your business which can satisfy all your requirements besides being rugged, sustainable and pocket-friendly.

-K Ramanathan

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