How to choose a perfect POS for your business
27-09-2016 00:00:00
How to choose a perfect POS for your business

Finding the right POS solution for a retail business can be tricky though we have several payment options available these days. If you don’t get right advice, you may end up losing money by investing in wrong and incompatible POS setup for your store.

Each POS system offers a set of distinct features. Before making a big decision, you should understand the big picture such as how it works, what it provides, how easy to execute, whether you get good after-sales support from the vendor, etc. Before you understand what makes each POS solution good or bad for your business, you need to pay attention to certain overarching points.


Fast Transaction


If you are new to point of sale, you would find most systems that you come across operate well and quickly for your business. If you  are migrating from the age-old cash register, any POS software may look like the best choice for you. However, the speed of transactions at POS will have a great impact on your business. One of the most frustrating things for customers is wasting time at POS counters. A reliable and fast POS terminal will help them spend less time at checkouts.  Even a small break in each transaction will cost you money in the long run. So, check the transaction time and choose the best module for your business.


Simple Interface


Even though POS system has become common among retailers in cities and towns, there are many businesses who still believe that they can continue to compete and operate with traditional Cash Registers. Though it may be true for very small businesses, right POS with perfect software solution makes the store operations really simple. By switching to POS system, retailers can reduce drastically common errors made by store executives on cash registers.


On the other hand, if the POS software is not user-friendly, you will lose time and money in training your staff and accounting for their errors. Not only increase the transaction speed drastically, a user-friendly POS system can save you money and create a better customer experience.


Multi-purpose POS


Another very important aspect is if you use your POS system only for billing purpose and not for any other in-store and back-end usages, then you are merely using a ‘glorified cash register’. If your POS system can’t generate reports and the data for your business growth, then you have wasted your hard-earned money on incompetent POS. With right POS with able software, you can manage and control your inventory, optimize staff utilization, provide real time sales, monitor customer behavior, manage offers and coupons and store large amount of customer data for future purposes. With the advent of cloud-based technology which is available at affordable prices, it becomes beneficial for you as it helps to access your data where and when you want it.


Safe Customer Data


You should be very careful as you are dealing with sensitive customer information such as credit or debit card details. There are chances for data pilferage to unscrupulous hands and misuse thereon. So, your POS system should provide complete security to customer transactions. Several POS manufacturers are developing POS systems with better software and hardware features to address this issue. You don’t need to be an expert to choose the secured POS system for your store. Choose the brand which has reputation in the market, and the system which can encrypt the card reader or terminal data. You should also look for the system that supports mobile wallets and contactless payment for secure transactions.


Dependable Support


Whether you have the simple or advanced POS system, you would require dependable customer support from your brand. It is sad that majority of the business owners fail to understand that when the business is in full swing, they can’t afford to waste time in troubleshooting POS issues using untrained experts. With internet and customer reviews sites, it isn’t difficult to get the information whether or not the brand you’re choosing can offer dependable customer support in case of need.

-K Ramanathan

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