How POS can transform hospitality industry
28-03-2016 00:00:00
How POS can transform hospitality industry

The advancement in technology has played a major role in transforming our daily lives, and the effervescent Hospitality Industry in particular, has been, in the recent times, witnessing major developments due to the entry of highly sophisticated Point Of Sale (POS) systems.


Today's customers and guests are increasingly used to personalised services that are more efficient and smoother than ever before, thanks to the availability of clear customer data and dynamic payment system that has replaced the time-consuming, obsolete and laborious processes. So, to stay ahead in the business, it's imperative for those in the hospitality industry to keep attune to the innovations in POS technology.


Enhancing customer experience with efficient POS solutions


If you want your hospitality business to gain competitive edge, you need to take the advantage of the positive transformation brought by the POS technology products. More hospitality outlets in India are now using modern payment and other back-end solutions that have replaced the time-consuming and traditional means of serving customers. With the right POS system, you can enhance customer experience by giving them fast and efficient service, even during rush hours.


Paradigm shift in placing orders


Bars, cafés, eateries or restaurants are all facing one common problem during rush hours – getting the orders from more customers and serve them without a delay. There are three smart ways restaurants can overcome these issues by integrating omni channel payment systems using POS technology.


I. Contactless payment


Contactless payment mode has been gaining momentum in urban cities and businesses are taking full advantage of this by keeping all respective POS channels hassle-free for enhanced customer satisfaction. In cafés and bars long queues are the common sight during the lunch hours and contactless payment helps to bust the queues and allows efficient, easy and more transactions. Several payment options are available these days for the customers to make payment before picking up their order.


II. Pre-pay


This online mode of payment is the time-saver for takeaway outlets or mini-food courts in which the pre-payment systems allow customers to place their order and pay through online. Customers, who prepaid their order, can avoid the long queue and simply walk away with their food quickly thereby saving precious lunch hour. Restaurant too can attend to more customers in the same amount of time and book profits.


III. Mobile ordering


As a step further to the pre-pay concept, mobile ordering helps customers in busy restaurant or bar to order their menu from their seat using smartphones. This avoids several time-consuming steps such as assigning waiters to take orders, passing them to the kitchen, bringing the bill and paying the bill after waiting in a queue. The system cuts down the middlemen, improves service, reduces service time, enhances customer experience and reduces the error.


Making it personal


POS is not only about efficient and faster payments. The real jewel in the crown of the intelligent POS technology is the unlimited access they give on customer data. It allows you to understand the overall trends as well as focusing on individual customer’s preferences and patterns. You can use this data intelligently to plan your business strategy. For example, you can purchase stock that the data predicts will move faster, thereby upping your profit margins. These days, hospitality outlets are using the customer data and reap benefits by way of loyalty schemes and retention of customer by analyzing their buying patterns or habits and offering personalised service tailor-made for them.


POS, a positive step forward


Whatever may be your specialty in hospitality industry, you may face the heat from your competitors if they are already reaping the benefits of Point of Sale. And, with all the positives that the modern technology offers – efficient and faster service, happier customers and better data handling - it's amply clear that the latest POS technology holds the key to the future of hospitality industry. K Ramanathan (

-K Ramanathan

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