Hand-held POS Devices Rule the Retail Sector
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26-02-2015 00:00:00
Hand-held POS Devices Rule the Retail Sector

Hand-held Point of Sale (POS) devices are easy-to-carry and convenient-to-operate slim electronic equipment used in an array of retail environments, and can withstand harsh working conditions.

These devices are generally used for special applications suitable for small and medium retail businesses. Most of them generally have a keypad, graphic LCD/ colour touch screen display, high-speed scanner, in-built dot matrix/thermal printer, high-end microcontroller, USB interface, and supports advanced wireless security standards.

The device can efficiently provide complete solution to all your sales purposes. Hand-held POS devices don’t occupy any space in your store so, floor space saved can be utilised for business developmental activities. The devices are packed with features such as fast billing, multi-level password protection, creditor and inventory management, and an array of other related functions to suit users’ needs.

Some of the advantages of hand-held POS devices are, they don’t require AC environment, furniture, qualified technical personnel or operator and are vibration and dust resistant. Since these devices are programmed to perform certain specific applications, there is no possibility of misuse and virus threat.

Though the operation is simple for laymen, security is achieved by password protection and data encryption. These hand-held POS devices can be used at shops where the retailor doesn’t have enough space for fixed POS devices.

Hand-held POS terminals are used in general retail, food and beverages, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, warehousing, distribution, logistics, enforcement, transportation, banking and manufacturing to name a few and have wide range of applications.

Some of the applications in which hand-held POS devices are used include: Shop, restaurant or fuel billing, inventory tracking, queue management, parking management, order taking, KOT processing, patient tracking, ticketing in zoo, museum or parks, issuing parking coupons, field sales automation, shipping and receiving, distribution, e-challan, property tax collection, route accounting, mobile banking, etc.

Popular brands which offer hand-held POS terminals include: Analogics, Argox, Casio, Datalogic, Honeywell, Intermec, Motorola, Partner, Psion and Unitech.

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-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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