Giving mobility to your business!
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18-04-2016 00:00:00
Giving mobility to your business!

We are in technology-driven world that more often than not experience ‘yesterday’s luxuries becoming today’s essentials’. When mobile printers came into the market for the first time a few years ago, retailers thought them as accessories but not necessary for their business. Even, the effervescent cell phones too once thought to be accessories of indulgence by conservatives.


But technology proved them wrong by casting its spell on the modern living and one would appreciate that the run-of-the-mill mobile phones invariably come with high-resolution cameras, fast net compatibilities and hordes of facilities. Similarly, mobile receipt printers have seen a complete makeover during the last decade loaded with facilities such as wireless network connectivity, fast checkout/payment process and printing receipts. So much so that in today’s marketplaces, mobile printing has become an integral part of any retailer who wants to increase precision, productivity and speed.


By offering users the facility to print materials anywhere and anytime, mobile printers help businesses with the flexibility needed to succeed in an growing mobile marketplace and change the game ultimately at the point of sale (POS).


When you transform from stationary to mobile printing technology, you would see possible cost savings, especially when you use a mobile thermal printer -- a four-inch printer that uses less paper than the standard size (8.5 x 11-inch) and thermal technology costs less than traditional printing.


Mobile printers allow retailers to streamline their POS system and accelerate check-out processes besides saving time. These printers help users avoid repeated trips to stationary printers, thereby saving several business hours. There is also saving of work hours due to avoiding of handwritten paperwork since these printers automates to provide receipts, estimates, invoices, work orders, etc—and also simplifies how one can capture signatures, which reduces disputes and enhances customer satisfaction.


Printing-on-demand reduces the likelihood of feeding incorrect information, hence reduces the chances of errors and improves accuracy and efficiency of workers. Apart from this, the time grained can be utilized more productively.


Most of the Mobile printers which are hitting the market these days are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices to help faster processes and transactions. Manufacturers who design mobile printers ensure solutions to help retailers offering enhanced customer experience.


There are several leading global brands which make sophisticated mobile printers with hosts of facilities with some of them being Epson, Bixolon, Infinite Peripherals and Brother Mobile.


Epson offers a small, yet durable and rugged solution through Mobilink P60II, a 2” Mobile Label/ Receipt Printer, which is one of the smallest mobile printers available in the market with the longest-lasting battery life (up to 46 hours) and has the highest printing speed in its category.


Bixolon’s SPP-R300 is a 3-inch, rugged mobile printer that can be used across various industries and applications. Known for its adaptability and flexibility, the printer offers a range of connectivity options (Bluetooth, WLAN etc.) and allows users to change from receipt to label printing with just one stroke.


Infinite peripherals provides convenience and value for multiple mobile printing needs that include POS receipts, lab results, coupons and labels. The model DPP-450 is a 4-inch battery-driven thermal mobile printer having 150mms/second print speed. The printer has LCD display, label gap sensor, a Bluetooth and label peeler option. All models under DPP line are equipped with an integrated belt clip.


Rugged 3 series of Brother Mobile is ideal for any company or business that needs mobile printing solutions in non-traditional settings (through they work well for standard office conditions, too.) The printers having IP54 certification can withstand dust, moisture and six-foot drop.   Users can print from Android, iOS, Windows, Apple AirPrint or Windows Mobile.


If you haven’t yet changed to mobile printing, consider embracing the technology now. It is no longer a need on a wish list, but it is a must-have on your improving-your-business list.

-K Ramanathan

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