Get the Best POS System for your Grocery Store
11-11-2017 00:00:00
Get the Best POS System for your Grocery Store

Are you still welcoming customers to your grocery store with the same old traditional weighing scale, old wooden racks, dingy and unimpressive interiors, haphazard staking of goods and finally, using the age-old cash register for making bills and don’t have digital payment option? 


You are either running the grocery store in primitive age or defiant to accept modern shopping trends as necessitated due to changing customer preferences.


More than 10 million small and medium retail stores in India belonging to various business categories are still following the traditional means to do business. With government pushing the digitalization across all business sectors, traders need to change if they want to remain in the business.


Why to change?


Retailers can count on the following advantages if they opt for modern Grocery store POS system instead traditional and obsolete billing methods.  


1. POS system for your grocery store can take over several functions of your store personnel such as accounting, inventory, billing, CRM, offers and discounts, business analysis and secured customer data handling.

2. Accuracy is guaranteed as for as maintaining records and inventory.

3. Can do fast billing, so reduce customer waiting time at POS counters/checkouts. You can attend more customers in less time. 

4. Can get customer buying behavior data instantly and offer individual discounts and coupons on specific products. Send details of new arrivals and offers to customers to increase sales.

5. Prevent pilferages at warehouses and POS counters as everything is recorded.

6. Automatic inventory management to boost sales.

7. Proper labeling of racks will help customers reach specific merchandise easily. This improves customer experience and saves time.

8. Can manage multiple stores and have real time sales and other business analysis in just a click of a button.

9. Hand-held POS and Cloud POS systems improve customer handling ability and help reach customers wherever they are and at any point of time.

10. POS system provides clear edge over your competitors and peers for sustainable business growth.


Which POS system you need?


For a grocery store Point of sale, depending upon your size, number of merchandise and daily volume of projected business, the cost of the hardware products can vary. But one can have a complete POS system with billing software for about Rs 2 lakh, which is the onetime investment, unless the vendor wishes to upgrade his POS system to suit his growing business in later stage.


For hardware part, you need a display monitor, electronic cash drawer, barcode scanner (hand-held or desk-top), barcode printer, pole display (optional), Thermal receipt printer, electronic weighing scale and a card payment terminal. Except card payment terminal, all other things can be bought directly from the market. For payment terminal, which is a card swiping machine, can be had from the bank where you have the current account and integrate with the POS system. 


POS software for retail store, which is the lifeline of the POS system, any good neighboring retail POS software vendor can help you install best software and integrate all the above mentioned peripherals to work seamlessly. 


If you want to go for still advanced POS system, go for tablets or Mobile POS with cloud POS or hand-held POS system where you can bill customers using wireless technology such as Bluetooth or WiFi which can not only improve customer experience but also make your business grow at greater pace.

-K Ramanathan

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