Five best POS channels to engage with customers
23-01-2016 00:00:00
Five best POS channels to engage with customers

Technology has indeed altered the way businesses are operating these days. So, if you want sustainable growth in your business, apart from having a great business acumen and enough funds, you should also be a tech-savvy person, else your business would stagnate and customers might migrate to “comfort zones’ offered by your competitors.


Hence, with New Year ushering, why not try some fantastic options offered by the technology at Point of Sale (POS) counters, which would, not only help enhance customer experience, but also boost sales manifold?


Having seamless POS channels


There are different ways your consumers can interact to do business with you. Some of them can come directly at your brick-and-mortar shop while others can order through telephone, e-mails, contact via chat rooms, or mobile apps. Sometimes your customers use multiple channels to compete the activities. For example, they would have enquired at your physical store but went back and ordered through your online store or vice versa. So, it is imperative that all these channels be tuned well for seamless customer interaction and execution of sales.


Customers use their mobile devices for better cross-channel experiences. With India having more than 700 million smart phones and 20 million tablets, purchases are happening more often than not through phones. Having a quality mobile app would significantly improve customer’s interactions with retailers.


More Customer Engagement through Mobile Apps


These days, mobile apps play pivotal role in larger customer engagement and increase in sales volume. You may be having a physical store, but having an e-commerce site with simple, efficient and user-friendly app is a great asset. You can send mobile coupons or offers as a reminder to make them come back to your shop.


According to experts, mobile coupons are very useful to engage consumers in real time and an excellent way to motivate people to visit your store.


Mobile applications are also the best way to update your clients about latest deals/offers, discount coupons, and arrival of new products. With the arrival of ‘push notifications,’ customers can be reminded about your business at any point in time to cause impulse shopping.


Product Reviews Increase Consumer Confidence


As World Wide Web provides almost anything and everything on earth, customers don’t buy things just at its face value but do a thorough research before making a decision to buy. In most cases, they rate the products on the basis of customer feedbacks and reviews.


So, having customer reviews on your web shop will not only improve the credibility of the products you sell, it can also bring more business to you. According to a research conducted by Cisco, about 63 per cent of customers who shop online make their decisions with the help of reviews and ratings through websites and mobile apps.


Use the best POS System


Point of sale (POS) system has evolved a lot - from the early point of sale systems in 1800s and electric POS in the 1900s to those available in the modern age. These machines at POS counters have changed the way businesses handle customers, record inventory, track sales and do other back-end operations in more reliable, sustainable and faster manner.


So, having a latest POS system suitable to your business can make you compete more vigorously with your business counterparts, both nationally and globally. You can see your business to be more systematic and organized compared to the earlier haphazard version.


Switch to Mobile POS


With the advent of mobile POS application, payments can be quickly processed by your retail staff themselves anywhere in the store. Customers need not have to come to the payment counters with their bags full of items, as your staff with MPOS in hand, can bill them instantly. With this, you can also make the sale before customers change their mind. M-POS also helps queue busting as customers quickly lose patience in long queues at the counters and discard items. You can avoid these long lines by adopting mobile applications.


Endorsing the power of Mobile POS and Tablet POS in retail environment, Bhaskar Venkatraman, founder and director of, an E-commerce portal selling various branded POS devices, says, “Customers expect great shopping experience, and technology is here to offer that and even more to them. Retailers should use the latest POS technology to do good business with customers.”


In fact, the future of retail business is largely in the hands of technological revolution happening in Point of Sale counters across the globe.


According to a research by Motorola, by 2017, half of all in-store transactions done globally are expected to be either through a self-checkout by customers themselves with their mobile devices or using M-POS application by store employees.


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-K Ramanathan

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