Excite your Diners with New Tablet POS
17-12-2016 00:00:00
Excite your Diners with New Tablet POS

As one of the most vibrant industries which has seen unprecedented growth in the recent years, Food and Beverage (F&B) in India continues to expand rapidly due to changing demographics and increasing double and disposable incomes coupled with urbanization and transformation of organized retail sector.


According to a government estimate, Indian F&B service industry, which is currently valued at Rs 2,04,438 crore, is expected to reach Rs 3,80,000 crore by 2017. Dominated primarily by traditional players, F&B sector has grown over the years giving rise to exciting new concepts in offerings and innovative service elements.


Consumers have given thumps up to quick service restaurants, casual dining, fine dining, cafes, making this segment a huge revenue spinning sections for Food and Beverage industry with Quick Service Restaurants and Casual Dining Restaurants alone constituting more than 77 per cent of the overall market share.


Technological revolution has played a vital role in propagating the sector’s growth. Also, the constant evolving socio-economic conditions and changing customer preferences have made the industry more customer-centric with the help of the new technologies. 


There has been a lot of changes in Point of Sale billing section of various Food and Beverage subsectors with technology ruling the roost providing customers the best experiences. Be it restaurants, food courts, QSRs, ice cream parlors or casual dining restaurants, Point of Sale products and technology have revolutionized the way customers are treated and pampered.


Most of the frontline restaurants were earlier using fixed point of sale terminals where customers were billed and payments made. These POS terminals are not only used to bill customers but also used to store huge data such as customer behaviours, preferences, sales volume, inventories, workers status, multiple centres sales data, availability of food items, to name a few. 


But, now-a-days, most of the restaurants and fast food centres are using tablet POS and Touch POS, which are mobile-based and can be used anywhere in the restaurants. This helps the staff to take the gadgets to the tables and take orders directly and also bill where ever customers are seated. Customers no longer need to go to the billing counter to pay bills.


These hand held devices are having built-in thermal printers to print cash memos instantly. There are POS software tools available for restaurants or food courts to serve their needs. Best restaurant management software or restaurant POS software can be chosen according to the menu and size of the eatery business. 


Many POS product manufacturers offer in-built restaurant POS software support with hardware devices which are less costly but can’t be customized. 


Some of the best restaurant POS software vendors for Food and Beverage industry in India are Akash Infotech, ABM Infotech, Accomp Soft, Adweb Infosolutions, Accusol Technologies, Amain POS Solutions, AD Barcode Solution, etc. Select your POS software vendor here.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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