EPOS can Give Winning Edge to your Retail Business
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30-01-2018 00:00:00
EPOS can Give Winning Edge to your Retail Business

Point of sale (POS) is the heart-line of any retail business where the retailers and customers meet to do the transactions for the goods sold/purchased. A few decades ago, retailers used to provide hand-bill/receipts for the goods purchased and payment made. 


Such system was replaced by mechanical cash-registers which helped retailers to bill customers rather quickly, but still customers were unhappy and used to spend hours in the queue at POS counters to pay for their items.


POS has evolved over the years. 


In the advent of supermarket culture, many retail houses have incorporated fixed POS system at their counters which could do multiple functions – scan barcodes, print bills, accept multiple payment modes, control inventory automatically, manage CRM, and much more. But the advancement in POS technology has brought in Mobile POS/Electronic-POS system which is highly advanced and can do multiple functions fast and efficiently than the traditional POS system. 


We even categorize the current fixed POS systems seen in supermarkets as traditional POS because, these systems are now being replaced by Mobile POS or Electronic POS systems. Let’s analyze the difference between the traditional POS and EPOS and the advantages of the later.


Hardware Flexibility


One of the advantages of an ePOS is in its ability to run the POS software on multiple devices. Retailers can provide tablet computers to their store staff, install EPOS and make them work anywhere in the store. EPOS software can operate in all platforms – Android, iOS, Windows. It is also easy to upgrade the software and for that you don’t need to stop the sale. If one tablet gets damaged, you can immediately replace it with another, upload the EPOS software and keep working without losing time and data, and of course your customers. 




This is the biggest advantage of using EPOS instead of normal POS system. With the advent of smarphones which is spreading like wildfire in India, your store keepers can have mobile POS or tablets loaded with suitable retail POS software and can be mobile – both in store and out in the field. With internet connection, these Mobile POS devices can be operable anywhere and can feed data in real time to the store servers. Mobility is the big issue for traditional POS system. 


Data System Connections


In the normal POS system we see in the retail outlets, sale information are recorded in the local system and by the end of the day these information will be transferred to the main inventory server. Any corrections after that will be a tiresome process. But with EPOS, the data are constantly feed to the server in real time and store managers can make corrections anytime they want at ease.


EPOS connects to inventory management, account system, payroll management, customer relation management and also access to several analytical data for business enhancement and crucial  decisions.




With EPOS, you can see hourly, daily, monthly sales data, customer footfalls, staff strength and management, most selling products, send instant discount coupons to repeat customers at store, message and email details of new products, offers and special discounts to customers on their mobile phones and mail inboxes.  


Traditional point of sale systems too can be helpful for CRM but the process time is high that customers wait longer to redeem their offers at POS counters compared to EPOS/MPOS devices. 


Similarly, with MPOS, pilferages and frauds at POS can be controlled, customers' data can be accessed either by mobile number, email ids or simply by name and their past buying history can be analysed. MPOS devices are much more secured and user friendly than the traditional POS which is bulky and has more hardware components such as barcode scanner, receipt printer, huge display system, cash drawer, card reader, etc, occupying more retail space.


But EPOS can integrate all these ones into a single device which can be portable too. When comes to cost, EPOS devices are less expensive, involve less hardware, maintenance free, sturdy and do not incur frequent expenses. 


So, switch over to MPOS/EPOS today to give your business a competitive edge over your peers.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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