Enhance Customer Experience and Business with Mobile Printers
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15-03-2017 00:00:00
Enhance Customer Experience and Business with Mobile Printers

Mobile printers are dominant and widely used these days in different industry environments due to their mobility, operability, convenience to print from remote places, user-friendly features, light weight and rugged use in even in-hospitable environments.


With advancement in POS technology, retail businesses are taking full advantage of automating and simplifying several mundane/regular daily operations thereby improving productivity, operational efficiency and customer base.


Point Of Sale (POS) counters in several retail environments such as grocery retail stores, departmental stores, super markets, hyper markets, food courts, restaurants, hotels, medical stores, textile showrooms, spas and salons, healthcare centres, etc., are now-a-days sophisticated with modern POS technology having POS hardware components such as POS mobile printers, touch POS computers, automatic cash drawers, barcode scanners, barcode printers, and related accessories which not only ease the daily operations but also enhance business growth.


Mobile printers can be operated using wire-less technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi or Cloud. Bluetooth mobile printers or wireless mobile printers are widely used in hotels as KOT printers or at grocery retail stores to print receipts from customer places – inside or outside the store locations.


Mobile printers are easy to carry and don’t occupy space like desk-top thermal printers. It can be carried in the belt or in shirt pocket to provide receipts at customers’ door-steps. Some of the leading brands which make or market mobile receipt printers in India are Epson, Bixolon, Brother, HP, Star and Zebra.


Mobile printers are one of the most important POS hardware items used in retail environments. For best POS Solutions, one has to get appropriate POS software supported by POS hardware products such as POS system (computer), a receipt printer and card reader for receiving cash-less payments. Other items such as Pole display, barcode scanner, barcode printers, hand-held terminal, cash drawer, customer feedback display system, etc are optional, which are mainly used to enhance customers’ shopping experience and provide advanced look to retail set-up.


Mobile printers can be connected to cloud technology and can get receipts when on the move. Comes with in-built chargeable batteries which can last upto 24-hours non-stop usage, receipt mobile printers have become inseparable part of any POS system.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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