Efficient POS can make customers crave for you
04-01-2017 00:00:00
Efficient POS can make customers crave for you

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing sections of Indian economy contributing over six per cent to the national GDP and over 8 per cent to the total employment. The Industry, which is currently valued at USD 136 billion, is expected to climb USD 275 billion within a decade, according to a government data. 


Classified into two segments – Tourism and Hotels, hospitality industry’s key success remains in “efficient” handing of customers and pampering them with more facilities.


Advancement in technology and customers’ constant nudge for better treatment and facilities has changed the industry for good making it an entirely client-driven. Using an advanced Point of Sale technology at sales counters can lessen a number of painful and time consuming front-end and back-end operations in hotels, food courts, restaurants and casinos. Gone are the days when people used to have only cash register to account cash for the service offered. 


But modern day POS system does a lot more jobs than just being a cash register. More and more restaurateurs in India these days opt for Tablet Point of Sale or mobile POS instead of fixed one as it benefits serving more customers faster and efficiently wherever they are in terms of taking orders, delivery and billing – all these can now happen at the table itself, giving customers a world-class service. A POS system does a lot of necessary tasks to benefit hospitality business.


Smooth and Fast Transaction: Gone are the days when bearers used to take down your order in his notepad, go to the kitchen to deliver it and then serve the food at your table. With modern POS terminals like hand-held POS, Touch POS, Tablet POS or Mobile POS in hand, waiters can directly enter orders by just touching the relevant icons on the mobile screens and send them instantly through wireless mode to the kitchen printer mentioning the table number etc and get the orders delivered in less time.


This not only has improved operational efficiently and decreased the human errors, but also improved customer satisfaction level and hence business growth as hotels are able to serve more customers in less time.


Data management: An efficient restaurant POS system not only helps bill customers swiftly, but also stores valuable data electronically such as which staff handled a particular customer, number of clients served by a particular staff, total sales volume, customer preferences and inventory position at kitchen. 


Even information like customer data can be stored to inform offers, discounts, coupons etc. You can also customize the software to monitor staff’s leave records, bonus, attendance, tax amounts, commissions etc. All these help efficient business management which will save money in the long run.


Hospitality industry includes restaurants, business hotels, motels, resorts, airport hotels, extended stay hotels, time share hotels, casinos, convention and conference centres and other related eateries. And, POS hardware used at these places are Cash Drawer, Thermal Receipt Printer, Magnetic Stripe Reader for cash-less payment, Barcode Scanner (to scan barcodes on packed food) and POS Terminal with suitable restaurant software to support front and back end business operations.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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