Customer Engagement at POS can Enhance your Business
05-11-2016 00:00:00
Customer Engagement at POS can Enhance your Business

Satisfying customers and bringing them back to your stores is a daunting task.  Businesses work hard and spend every moment to understand customers’ pain-points for better customer management. Happy customers, however, are the ambassadors for brands.

Understanding that (unhappy) customers seldom let retailers know about their bad experience, businesses across the world have embraced modern technology to gauge their satisfaction levels using a few techniques like installing ‘feedback monitors’ at Point of Sale (POS) counters or engaging them through various social media tools.


According to a study, more than 80 per cent of customers do not wish to share their shopping experience with store managers/executives and close to 30 per cent of them were showing least interest to recommend family and friends. 


Business owners can’t afford to have an un-friendly or in-hospitable store to host customers. This can push them in a situation where they can’t even identify whether a drop in revenue is due to bad customer experience or other factors like industry trend, policy, competition or price.


The best way to read customers’ mind is by engaging them at POS. But retailers mostly treat POS technology solely as an interface to do transactions quickly. However, in brick and mortar stores, staff members at POS are used to engage with customer to understand their pain points. Various studies have suggested that customer engagement is better than other related business strategies.


However, engaging customers at nodal points is not a scalable strategy. For retailers compiling data physically from such engagements and interpreting them into actionable strategies is highly time consuming and often produce inaccurate results. But these days, technology has come to the rescue of retailers who want to gather huge customer data to plan their business and also get directives to address the issue in a better way.


Happiness Meter: A number of retail chains have happiness meters or feedback monitors installed near POS terminals with varied scale that can let customers express their happiness levels. These data provide retail managers with necessary reports and charts that can help them understand customer satisfaction on a daily basis. These meters can be linked with other parameters like store layout modification, price change, quality of products, customer service, addition of new facility, etc. that give the store in-charge an overview of how changes can effect customer experience.


Integrated POS: The point of sales (POS) system has come a long way since the invention of Cash Registers in mid-1800s. Today, customer service can be enhanced using Mobile POS (mPOS), Tablet POS or simply an integrated mobile hand-held POS terminal which can make customer engagement easy anywhere and at anytime.


Also, the Cloud POS has revamped the retail industry and changed the way customer can shop around. POS tools can be integrated on cloud servers and can help receive payments from mobiles, websites, iPads or any standard POS hardware. These advanced POS systems can also be connected with other services to manage cash backs, loyalty points or refunds so that customers’ issues can be sorted out quickly and amicably.


Social Media Management: It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, your customer service will become ineffective if you don’t engage them through social media. Any negative or positive aspect of your store will spread like a wild fire and can make or break your business in no time. If left unattended, such negative social media posts can ruin your business unless you have efficient tools to manage them. 


There are several tools available to watch your brand on social media. Retail businesses should constantly watch their brand’s reputation on social media. Promoting your social media handles at the point of sale and regularly posting smart messages about your store, offers, price revision, discounts, coupons, etc will have better impact on them and drive them back to your store.


Even if you get a bad review, if you handle it in right way, you can win over the situation. This will also help disgruntled customers share their good/bad experience with you directly rather than passing it through their network.

-K Ramanathan

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