Convert your Grocery Retail Shop into a Supermarket
16-01-2017 00:00:00
Convert your Grocery Retail Shop into a Supermarket

Are you losing customers to the nearby supermarket or departmental store just because they are more organized, customer friendly and efficient in handling peak hour rush? 


By having an efficient Point of Sale system (technology) and arranging merchandise in orderly way, your grocery or kirana store too can easily compete with a supermarket.


You don’t need to have an extravagant space and swanky interiors with spacious car parking. A simple Point Of Sale system can make your customers happy as they don’t want to waste time in your stores for buying a few items.


Again, it is a myth that these POS systems will make a big hole in your pocket and also incur month-on-month expenses. Contrary to these claims, POS products along with suitable retail grocery software are affordable and one-time investment which can be recovered within two or three months. 


Unless you opt for a Cloud POS system, where you need to pay server maintenance and service charges to the provider every month, these POS terminals are pay and own type.


Customers expect end-to-end, seamless and enjoyable buying experience. For this, you should have a suitable, dependable and advanced Point Of Sale (POS) solution (hardware and software) for grocery retail business including kirana stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets.


POS can bring down waiting time


Your grocery retail store may be using the age-old billing system to attend customers’ needs. Unlike supermarkets, customers are attended by your staff to take out merchandise and bill them one by one using manual billing or traditional cash register. This is pretty frustrating as customers have to wait longer time. If you have a dependable POS system at billing counter/s or checkouts, you can handle more customers in less time thus achieving highest customer satisfactory index. 


Ideally, a small or medium kirana/grocery retail store needs a POS terminal, which can be a regular desk-top computer system with appropriate retail POS software, a barcode scanner to scan barcodes or QR codes, a cash drawer to store currency, coupons and coins, a card swiping machine (MSR) and a thermal receipt printer. Depending upon the quality, application, brand and usage, your system may cost between Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000.


These days, grocers use tablet POS or Mobile POS which are not only for billing, but also for a whole lot of back-end business operations like CRM, data collection, coupon management, staff regulation, sales graphs, inventory management, and many more.
Take care of Inventory and CRM


Barcodes play a vital role in retail business environment. Owners account all merchandise with unique barcodes using barcode printers. These barcodes, pasted on each product, give information about the products such as name, weight, expiry date, manufacturer address, ingredients (if it is a food item), MRP, safety certification, etc. 


Barcode scanners incorporated with POS systems are useful to upload goods into the system. The same scanner, when used at billing counter, will account the item when selling takes place. Hence a retail store owner knows exact stock position of a particular item anytime of the day and can plan to replenish it accordingly.


POS systems for grocery retail environment are helpful to understand sales pattern, that is which item is on demand at a particular time or season, customer preferences, informing discounts, coupons or new arrivals to customers through SMSs or emails, collecting customer feedbacks, staff role management, sales graphics, etc.


All these can be done through a few strokes on the key board or on POS touch screen. It is as simple. You don’t require a few sales staff to do these above mentioned functions. With one POS system you can monitor sales of multiple stores of yours in real time. 
So, what are you waiting for? Just call us today to find the best POS system for your grocery retail business.

-K Ramanathan

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