Consumer satisfaction and personalized services still hold the key for physical stores
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14-06-2016 00:00:00
Consumer satisfaction and personalized services still hold the key for physical stores

The global retail industry, which is being swept by digital revolution, is redefining the shopping experience altogether. In-store, Online and Mobile technology solutions are enhancing and easing how we shop — and unprecedentedly changing consumers’ purchasing pattern. Shoppers are also exposed to internet for shopping, indicating the end of season for standardized merchandising and marketing.


So as businesses reach shoppers through a myriad of touch points, that is from the store to their laptops, smart phones and tablets, consumers these days are more than willing to share their personal details with retailers in exchange of targeted product deals and offers, but with a rider. They want a 'say' on how their personal data will be utilized to add value to their shopping experience.

Shoppers also look to store loyalty programs, particularly at drugstores and supermarkets chains, for tailor-made digital perks, such as coupons and discounts, says a study. 


Revealing that over 76% of shoppers surveyed feel positive about shopping in stores rather than doing it on-line, the survey by Zebra Technologies, the leading POS products manufacturer, says that in the era of digital technology, the personal touch still makes a big difference. 


Despite reports by several surveying agencies over the past few years that e-commerce will eat-up physical stores, consumer satisfaction, touch and feel merchandising and personalized retail services are offsetting the otherwise dominant e-commerce and mobile shopping, the findings noted.


The brick and mortar stores too are becoming smarter these days. They offer consumers new shopping experience by updating themselves with digital POS tools like, tablet POS, mobile POS checkouts and flexible delivery options through omni-channel mode which facilitates them to buy online and pick up in-store.


Shoppers too prefer personalized offers on their mobile or mail box from the retailers so that they can plan in advance. Most of the net-savvy consumers research products online before heading to the mom and pop stores to make the purchase. They also don’t mind if stores send relevant sales text messages once they come nearer to their shops, shoppers surveyed said. 


Mobile commerce has added a new dimension to store loyalty programs. About 70 per cent of consumers said that they preferred to receive exclusive mobile coupons and sales perks from the retailers with whom they had shared their personal information, the Zebra survey noted. 


With the focus on personalized services/offers and consumer shopping experience, these stores, with the help of latest POS technology, are here to stay against the bitter competition experiencing from e-commerce and mobile shoppers.

-K Ramanathan

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